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Why you should consider voting for John McCain

What do you prefer, a long lasting solution or a temporary patch?
I know---it sounds crazy to those in the "liberal" community, but the reality is that the Democratic party's nominee(whoever that is) will not step in and make everything better. So what will happen if Obama is elected president? Well the fact is, that he will be in debted to all those deep pockets that bankrolled his campaigned and who made it all possible---it's just how the system works. And despite all the concerns from white male voters, Obama will take orders very much like Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice, even when he know's that what he's told to do or say are lies and lack any moral or intelectual basis. In short he'll be a good manager for the wealthy elite who really run this country, or should I dare say that he'll be a good "house negroe."

Do you need more proof on Obama? He has already pledge to serve as good president over the United States of Israel, by carrying on the long running and unquestionable support for Israel. He was forced to denounce his ex-Preacher, to appease the insecurity and the conscious/unconscious racism that still exists in this country, though the majority if not all of the things that the ex-Preacher said are only a reflection of the frustration and inequity that historically has plagued the black community. Also, to appease the superior complex of most Americans and the ruling class, Obama proclaims that he will lead the country to be a world leader again, because that's what the world wants. Yet, it's this same type of mentality and political hogwash that has led the country to be nothing more than a bully and an evil empire, because despite what Reagan said, there's no such thing as a noble empire. That would be like saying that there's such thing as a noble rapist.

Therefore, the only chance for things to really get better, is for things to get even worse, because this society needs more than a temporary fix/patch to get in touch with reality. We need another Great Depression type of event to slap people in the mouth and humble the souls of Americans, and to dispel from the minds of people that everything American is great, and that what America says and does is the only way. Thus, although I've voted for the Green part the last two presidential elections, I will have to vote Republican and hope that things get even worse and that Americans will come off their pedestal and show some humility. Therefore, vote Republican and stock up on food supplies, weapons, and other necessities for when the moment arrives.

Do you believe that those that have steered the country in this downward direction have done this by accident? Just remember that when there is a financial collapse, money or wealth does not disappear, it just changes hands, from the haves and the have nots, to the have mores.

interesting view 13.May.2008 22:39


Interesting take on what is going on. There are undoubtedly many people out there who have a more rabid take on politics and might freak out in their responses to you. You might want to expect that, but hey this is freedom of speech. Being that I am a member of the working class, I don't feel that Obama or McCain has reached out to me. They don't care about the poor and it would be naive to think they ever will. People who are rabid about their politics can put that in their pipe and smoke it.

and the first time Reagan ran 13.May.2008 23:21

folks had the same idea

nothing new under the sun.

John McCain was bombing women in a lightbulb factory when shot down 13.May.2008 23:59


John McCain was bombing women in a lightbulb factory when shot down

and since the mid 70's when he was released he has promoted every
capitalist babybombing war of Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush
one of many victims of US bombs
one of many victims of US bombs

Vote Hillary 14.May.2008 01:54


I'm voting Hillary because it's the same thing as voting McCain.

Better alternative. 14.May.2008 16:08



Vote for the only truly progressive candidate who has a long history of fighting corporations, is on Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential Americans,has a long history of social activism,and is running for the Presidency on the following agenda:

Total US military and corporate withdrawal from Iraq.

Single Payer National health insurance

Cut the bloated, wasteful military budget

Living wage for all workers, $ 10.00 minimum.

No to nuclear energy. Solar energy first.

Aggressive crackdown on corporate crimes and rip-offs.

Check out Ralph Nader at www.votenader.org

Absurd 01.Jun.2008 16:39

Nadine fornzimmer@yahoo.com

Voting for McCain is absurd!!!! We cannot afford another four years of cowboy mentality! We will still be in Iraq, probably bomb Iran and who know how many other countries will will occupy and how many additional people will be killed/maimed!!! this country will be devastated! Trying to prove a point is certainly not worth the anguish. Many people will not survive four years of McCain. The Bush years have been an environmental disaster, our rights have been eroded, etc. and you advocate four more years!!!!!!!!! Ridiculous!!!