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Looking for footage from March 19th, 2008 protest

Looking for footage of March 19th Protest to use in criminal defense of arrested protester.
I am an investigator with the Metropolitan Public Defenders and we represent an individual who was arrested and accused of assaulting an officer during the March 19th, 2008 protest. We are looking for any footage or witnesses to his arrest and behavior prior to arrest to use in defending him against these criminal charges. The person in question is a white male, age 23. He has brown curly hair. He had drawn on himself a curly mustache. He was possibly wearing a purple/pink long sleeved shirt, blue jeans and orange and brown shoes. He was one of the two guys who was attempting to gain entry into the Wells Fargo building. We are looking for any footage of him during the protest but in particular we are interested in an alleged incident near a white banner with blue writing on it.
Anyone with footage of the event or who might be a witness to this event should please contact me:
Michael Snook
Investigator- Metropolitan Public Defender
Major Felonies Unit

phone: phone: 503.225.9100