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Just wanted to pass along some details about tonight's event. It's at 6:30 PM at the First Unitarian. 1011 SW 12th Avenue. There a bunch of speakers coming to address the rapidly shifting LNG picture. The event will address LNG in Oregon - Why It's a Bad Idea and How We Can Stop It.
Tonight we'll be talking about LNG and how to stop these proposals. Out of State speculators and NW Natural gas are scheming to push the "new foreign fossil fuel" - LNG - through Oregon. The major target market is clearly California. This high-priced, greenhouse gas-emitting fuel will do huge damage to our environment and our pocketbooks.

We will speak of a growing effort to avoid LNG through expansion of conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy efforts.

Bill Bradbury will talk about the reasons why LNG conflicts with our goals for energy independence and reducing GHG emissions.

Olivia Schmidt & Dan Serres - LNG organizers for the Coalition fighting LNG - will give an overview of the projects and their impacts.

Sam Sweeney, a Carlton farmer, will talk about the impacts of the proposed pipelines on family farms.

Amy Harwood of BARK will address the impacts of the proposed Palomar project on the Mt. Hood Nat'l Forest

Brenna Bell of Willamette Riverkeeper will speak about the impacts of the pipelines to rivers and the Willamette River watershed

Paul Sansone, a Gales Creek nurseryman and former energy industry consultant will discuss the conflict between LNG and renewable energy

John Kroger, former Enron prosecutor, will address the potential to stop the LNG projects

Brent Foster, Director of Columbia Riverkeeper, will wrap up and address upcoming efforts in the Portland area to shine light on the issue.

We hope to see you all there. This will be incredibly informative!

daily a reports 13.May.2008 14:09


There is a lot going on in both Clatsop and Coos Counties surrounding these issues. Coos County is in political turmoil as Commissioner John Griffith - an LNG supporter - is being challenged by Bob Main in the Coos Co. election. Mr. Main is being supported by many people who don't necessarily oppose LNG, but resent the arrogance and flippancy with which decision were made by Griffith to support the LNG debacle.

Similarly, Clatsop Co. recently recalled Commissioner Richard Lee and is undergoing an election that will be, at least partially, a referendum on LNG. Simultaneously, LNG opponents are running a referendum against the decision to allow the Bradwood LNG pipeline in Clatsop County. That should go to a vote in September.

There's a lot going on in the affected communities - PDX and Multnomah County should back them up!

- sp

It's even more turbulent 14.May.2008 17:28

in Clatsop County

Richard Lee was acctually recalled a month ago, and he was the Boss Man of the Board, the big cheese, the one who appeared to be squeezing the rest of the commissioners, and there are now his seat and two other seats on the County Commissioner board that are up for grabs--and two strong pro-localized energy proponents are running for the two positions open(the one vacated by Lee will be appointed by the rest of the board shortly, which ought tot interesting). What happens on the coast impacts Portland directly, so please support us up here!