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Mayor's Portland Plan: Leadership summit is just busy work

Portland Plan is long on involvement and short on results.
Mayor Tom Potter's Portland Plan is having a Leadership Summit June 14th. The Portland Plan is a continuation of Vision PDX, which involved many activist and community groups. It started very positive. Many community activist invested their heart, soul and energy.

The Portland Plan reflects the hopes and dreams of our ideals. What it isn't connected to is results, funding or commitments of follow through from any candidates running for Mayor.

Without commitment funding and follow through what you get are budget cuts, lack of staffing and programs left to flounder. Look at what is happening to the Ten Year Plan To End Homelessness.

When Eric Sten left office the budget was cut. Look at the work done by the SAFE committee to develop fair policies of enforcing the Title 14 Sit Lie law were the community consensus was abandoned. The result is sweeping the homeless out of sight instead of working toward solutions.

It's hard to advocate using the energy of community activist on another committee going nowhere.

Below is a email from a good hard working member of Tom Potter's staff.

The attached letter from Mayor Potter invites you to the Portland Plan: Leadership Summit on Friday, June 6 at the Oregon Convention Center. If you have already registered, thank you. We will be sending you more information as the day draws near.

If you have not registered, please take a moment to read Mayor Potter's invitation, which explains the purpose of the Leadership Summit and our desire for a broad spectrum of community leaders to attend and participate. There is a place in the Mayor's letter that takes you immediately into registration, which only takes a couple of minutes. Please register at your earliest convenience so that we can make your experience at the Summit the best.

The Portland Plan: Leadership Summit is one of several events the Bureau of Planning is putting on to inform and engage Portlanders about the long-range planning and development of our city. In addition to the Leadership Summit on June 6, the Bureau of Planning is hosting nearly a dozen meetings throughout Portland during May to explain the process of updating our comprehensive plan and listen to community feedback about the Portland Plan.

Following the Leadership Summit, two more Community Summits will be held on Saturday, June 14 (one on the east side and one on the west) so that those who could not attend the June 6th event can partake in the program.

We hope you will join us for one or more of these events. To register for the Portland Plan: Leadership Summit, you can click on the link in Mayor Potter's invitation or go directly to www.regonline.com/portlandplan.

<<Mayor's Invitation to Portland Plan Leadership Summit.pdf>>

Christine Appleberry

Public Engagement Coordinator for The Portland Plan

City of Portland, Bureau of Planning

1900 SW Fourth Avenue, Suite 4100

Portland, Oregon 97201-5350

Phone: 503-823-9907

Fax: 503-823-7800


The Portland Plan is an inclusive, citywide effort to guide the physical, economic, social, development of Portland over the next 30 years. The plan will build on the work the community did through visionPDX which captured and fleshed out our shared values of social, cultural, economic and environmental sustainability, equity and accessibility, and community connectedness and distinctiveness

We invite you to continue this community/city partnership in a shared effort to turn our vision into a reality.

History of sit lie community negociations 13.May.2008 12:38


Tom Potter is an old beat cop who helped develop community policing when he was Police Chief under Mayor Bud Clark. His has strong sensitivity to the emotional pulse of the community. His strongest base of support, when he was running for Mayor, where his Neighborhood Association connections.

Most police officers prefer dealing with more serious crimes than some guy with nowhere to sleep. At the same time many neighborhood associations are fear based when the subject of homelessness comes up. Folks tend to take the most outrageous incidents people have seen and use emotion to embellish it. Police cannot help but become biased through the emotional communications of those meetings and continually dealing with homeless people when they are in crisis. We are one of the last remaining groups it is legitimate to be prejudice against.

Now the most influential group at city hall is the Portland Business Alliance (PBA). They have had more meetings at city hall than any other group. Mike Kykendal became a V.P. for PBA about the same time as Tom Potter became Mayor. He is a former deputy D.A. for Multnomah County and has been a close friend of one of Mayor Potter's top policy people Austin Raglioni.

One of Mr. Kykendal's goals in lobbying city hall was to get the title 14 sit-lie law enforced on Portland city streets. Mayor Potter set Ms. Raglioni to appoint the Downtown Public Safety Action Committee (PSAC) tasked with developing a new enforceable sit-lie law.

The PSAC was appointed by Mayor potter originally but became a open meeting and they pushed the work of Sit - Lie into a sub committee called Street Access For Everyone (SAFE), the irony is all along it was meant to exclude some folks from the streets.

SAFE included people from both sides of the issue, attorneys and representatives of elected officials. They came to a set of conditions, most of which had been suggested earlier in the PSAC meetings, "Five Strategies for a more livable Portland" which needed to be met before the Title 14 Obstruction as a Nuisance sit-lie ordinance would be enforced. The Mayors office agreed it wouldn't be enforced until all five parts were implemented.

The mayors office has broken their promise reached by consensus of the SAFE group appointed by the Mayor through Austin Raglioni, friend of Mike Kykendal.

The best laid plans, developed through community involvement, can be kicked to the curb by a lame duck Mayor when the interest of his policy makers and their lobbyist friends take control. The Mayor ran for office claiming to increase public involvement, listen to the voices of the excluded and empower them. In the end the SAFE committee has been a sham. We have once again been conned.

Potter Envisions Sweeping Homeless out of Sight 13.May.2008 12:43


Maybe Potter is looking at Histories statement about his administration. He hasn't accomplished much else so he is trying to end homelessness the libertarian way. Harass them and then offer bus tickets.

It takes persistance 13.May.2008 12:51

Ben There

It may seem like you can't beat city hall, but you can join them and get that kind of greasy crimmy feeling from the kind of compromises you make.

Smells like community spirit 13.May.2008 12:55


Dude what's that smell?

Have you been to a committee meeting?