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Congress hands the heads of iraqis on a golden platter to Blackwater. "Do whatever you want. You can function outside of the laws of our nation. You will not stand trial and you contract has been reapproved. Nothing matters." Civilians are being massacred without review. They have become the target. There was the coal industry, the telecom giants. Now the new monopoly is death contractors. This is not a product! We must end this now!
Blackwater won another bid
To function in Iraq
More-bids outbid the other
Independent contractors,
Is this a high priced commodity item
Or what?
How do you go about training a group
Of private mercenary soldiers
To put morbids in?
Thank god we think they are all Americans
And on our side,
Even if they are not.
Blackwaters murky depths
Will not give a hint as to how you lable this monopoly
On death. How do you adevertise such skills
As civilian massacres and intimidation techniques outside of our national laws?
Do you put an add on the community board at the grocery store,
"Don't go Army strong! Go Blackwater Wrong!
You will come back with trophies of your kills.
Tired of hearing about Agent Orange
Ready for your generations version of the action?
Find out all about it at Nintendo. Com"
Mostly the military recruits through video games
And underprivileged high schools.
Young folks are lured on promises of subsidized higher education.
Instead they learn how to be trapped in VA systems.
Limbs that take 3 months for a doctor to examine.
"Yep, that's gone."
"But how do we know that you didn't lose it while working at McDonalds
before you joined the military?"
Years from now, you can tell your kids.
"I was near Blackwaters Elite Brand of Mercenary Soldier ."
As you wave your stump at the flag.
Morbid patriotism.
Caught in the cross fire it seems
That only the independent contractors are winning.
They are not winning the war.
They are ending the violence.
They are not preventing civilian deaths or casualties.
They are winning More-Bids.
And they are bring death.