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Watch For This Licsence PLate # RTU 084-Primer Grey 4 door BMW

running cyclists off the road!!!
just yesterday i was minding my own buisness on my way home on my bike, this car pulls up behind me on 5th and couch and starts screaming "im going to beat your ass faggot." Were gonna hurt you" to make a long story short this little escapade lasted all the way to the middle of the burnside bridge. with such occurances as shit being thrown at me , to swerving there car in my direction to knock me off. then they were driving off they got to the end of the burnside bridge. they put there car in reverse and started driving in reverse to come get me. this all happened at around 245-300pm. so, finally i was like" if your going to beat my ass and get it over with, if your not be a fucking man and drive off" i think what scared them the most was me staring at there licscence plate number . this message might sound ridiclous but they were trying to hit me with there car and i have a family, whos going to pay my bills when i get hit and am out of work. we all need to unite and do something about these kind of harrasments.