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<video> Homeless Protesters Meeting May 10Th on the steps of City Hall

Filmed on the evening that the police "arrested 7 homeless advocates" at the City Hall Protest
This is the group get together to discuss what is happening with their protest since the arrests have started
May 10th Homeless Meeting
May 10th Homeless Meeting
I just uploaded this 45 minute Google video from the "meeting" ...it is well worth watching to understand what are the issues and how the group is handling this serious topic of livability for those with out a place to go


This was a meeting of the folks that are outside of City Hall Protesting for "better" Housing Solutions and to repel the anti camping lay .... being homeless should not be criminal

This video show the unity, concerns and the dedication to "solve this problem" of inadequate housing and available options

This video show good faith and good attitudes in addressing a community problem here in Portland

more video footage still to come latter from this evening into the night right here on Indy Media

homepage: homepage: http://joe-anybody.blogspot.com/

video is still "uploading" on the Google server 12.May.2008 12:56

Joe Anybody

be patient ...looks like it is till being ""uploaded""

Thanks Joe 12.May.2008 19:00

Dan N. promandan@hotmail.com

Your video of the meeting helped me to see the level of organization in the protest. Their goals are not yet reasonable structured, but they are on the right track by listening to folks like Genny Nelson.

Their are reasons the camping ordinance has not been enforced until now. It is because it is an imperfect law that can violate the constitution if enforced improperly. The L.A. ordinance was found cruel and unusual punishment because of the sleep deprivation it caused.

The issue is if a person has no choice but to sleep outside then it is cruel to continually push them around. To get around that all the city needs is one open space on the floor of a shelter. It doesn't matter that 300 people were moved around if one space is open then the police can enforce the ordinance.

If you are sited for a camping violation, you immediately go to the mission, they are all full and you document this; then you could go someplace like the Oregon Law Center, Northwest Constitutional Rights Center or the ACLU and ask them to represent you in a lawsuit. Two years down the road, if the lawsuit wins, you could set up a negotiation with the city to adjust the camping ordinance.

To prepare for this eventuality get contact information for the emergency shelters. Sally Erickson with the BHCD should have that information and one of her duties is tracking how full the shelters are. Coordinate with Ms. Erickson to verify the shelters were full.

Another helpful hint is to have contacts within a nonprofit law firm, such as those stated above, so you can confirm you have a legitimate case. I've never gone through this process myself, but have talked with those who have. This is a battle of attrition.