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Callout for support at the City Hall Encampment

Portland Coalition Against Poverty is calling out for solidarity with the homeless camped out in front of City Hall. The police are planning a crack down sometime on Tuesday, and we want to have as many non-homeless folks as possible around to show support and monitor police abuses. On Sunday at 5:00pm at Terry Shrunk Plaza (the park across the street from City Hall) we're having a solidarity meeting to get folks together and coordinate our efforts- feel free to show up, and camp out that night if you choose. Monday night is the power night, where everyone who can should come and flop down a sleeping bag, in case the police decide to sweep early on Tuesday morning. We'll be camping out that night for sure, and, starting Tuesday morning we'll be circulating a petition of support for the homeless around downtown. Even if you can't camp, show up Tuesday at noon to pick up a clipboard and circulate petitions.
Wednesday at 9:30 the city council is meeting to discuss city response to the homeless problem. Ideally, they'd be playing to a packed house, with citizen activists jamming the wings. Be there, or be square. At noon on Wednesday we're having a demonstration to further show our support and connect the homeless issue with other social problems.


Sunday at 5:00 at Terry Shrunk Plaza we're having a solidarity meeting to organize and coordinate.

Monday night let's all go camping at the courthouse - bring a sleeping bag, a water bottle, and some food. If you can't make it to anything else, make it to this. We need as many non-homeless as possible to be there.

Tuesday morning we'll be circulating petitions, with a meetup at noon to hand out clipboards to the folks who couldn't camp out.

Tuesday night, if the police haven't come through yet, come down and camp again. The more the merrier, and support doesn't end with one night on the street (hopefully.)

Wednesday, show up for the city council meeting at 9:30, and stick around for the demonstration at 12:00.

Thanks for coming out, folks. Hope to see you there.

-Portland Coalition Against Poverty