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Nader in PDX tues, volunteer training Saturday

Nader will be at Benson High Tues 7pm. Build the progressive movement by helping to volunteer with like minded revolutionaries who can fight back to our system controlled by the Democrats, Republicans and Corporations.
The volunteer training meeting will be held Saturday 11am at The Lucky Labradador on 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Remember if you know anyone who is interested in helping please pass this message on to them because we are less than four days away and really need to spread the word!!!

Thanks and if you have any questions give me a call at 503.484.6626,

Ryan Mulkey  rmulkey7@gmail.com

Ryan is the Beson event organizer:
Tuesday May 13th 7:30pm
Ralph Nader Rally
Benson High Auditorium
546 NE 12th Ave Portland, OR
$10 contribution/ $5 student/low-income (no one turned away)
More Info Call - (503) 484-6626 or  events@votenader.org

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