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Someone out there knows what happened to those sea lions. There are people who know what is really happening at the dam. People who may have seen or heard something, people who have inside information about the cover-up at Bonneville. If you have any information about this at all, no matter how seemingly insignificant, you are urged to contact the sea lion tip line.
Everyone's safety is compromised when dam security can be breached as it obviously was, and especially when public officials refuse to allow the public to have access to information about what happened. Authorities hid the video footage from us, and then claimed that we don't need to see it anyway because "the cameras weren't pointed there." Obviously, this is just not so. (And if it is so, then all the more reason for concern: Why WEREN'T they pointed at the restricted area at the foot of the dam, where the traps were???)

Authorities gave us several different stories about what happened to the sea lions: They were shot, they weren't shot, they were poisoned, they killed each other, no, they just died for no reason. This was a careless scramble to hide either their incompetence at protecting the dam, or else their complicity in a criminal act.

Now, they are refusing to allow toxicology tests to be performed on the bodies... perhaps because any independent party who examines those bodies will find bullet holes in them. And by the way, where are the bodies? They sent the heads off to a lab, but not the bodies. No chance to perform a toxicology test on the heads. Where are the bodies??? Have they destroyed them? (Will they go out and quickly kill a few more sea lions, and substitute their bodies?)

All of our safety was compromised by what happened up at Bonneville. And all of us have a duty to ourselves and to each other to find out what really happened and make it public. For our sakes, and for the sea lions, those of us who know anything must come forward.

If you know anything at all about this incident, please contact  SeaLionTipLine@gmail.com. Your communication will be treated with strictest confidentiality by us. Do not use your work computer to send this message, if you work for Bonneville Power Administration, the Army Corps of Engineers, NMFS, the WDFW or ODFW.