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Letter to Jeff Merkley

This is a letter I have just written to candidate Jeff Merkley
Jeff Merkley:

By your complete disregard of the Arab-American community of Portland, you have lost me and many others as potential voters in the coming election.

You say you believe in "bringing people together" in your television ad, but by rejecting the support of Hala Gores, and accusing her of calling Israel "terrorists", when she actually said no such thing, you are doing the exact opposite.

Your campaign has become nothing more than vitriolic hyperbole, and you are losing allies fast. Oregon needs progressive leadership that can stand up for the rights of all people, including Palestinians. We don't need a Senator who caves at the first sign of political pressure. Is this how you plan to represent our state in Washington? It is a cowardly stance you have taken, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

The position paper on Israel that you presented at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center shows a disturbing lack of understanding of the reality of Mideast politics, and is reflective of the U.S.-Israeli colonial agenda in the region that will only bring more instability and violence. When you voice support for both a "two-state solution" and Israel's "security barrier", you, like other politicians who merely parrot the Israeli stance in exchange for monetary and electoral support, show that you do not understand that the 'security barrier' you describe as a 'defensive barrier' is actually a land grab by Israel that makes any thought of a "two-state solution" impossible. The placement of this so-called 'security barrier' has already stolen more than half of the remaining 27% of what was once Palestine, on which the surviving Palestinians remain, walled in and separated by 700 checkpoints that have divided their land into enclaves, surrounded by Israel's Wall. Israeli settlement expansion on illegally-seized Palestinian land in the West Bank has increased exponentially since 1990, in direct violation of their responsibilities as an occupying force, under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

I could go on, but I don't feel that it is my responsibility to educate you on the issue, when you have decidedly blinded yourself to the very real rights of the Palestinian people for your own political gain.

But in a progressive state like Oregon, you will find that this strategy will backfire, as the electorate here is aware of and committed to the rights of all people to exist in freedom and equality, not to be discriminated against or to be forced to live under a brutal military occupation.


A voter

Merkley's position paper:
 link to www.auphr.org

Merkley is a friend to the animals 09.May.2008 23:44


I don't know what Merkley's position is on Arab Americans. (Where did you get your info? How do you know he has "complete disregard"? Curious.) What I do know is that he's virtually the ONLY candidate running who gives a fuck about animals. He's done a lot of good things for them. As an animal rights activist, I plan to vote for him.

You'd need to have better evidence of his position re Arab Americans for me to even consider changing that. Few candidates help the animals, and I only vote for those who do.