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“Hunger riots”, it's the struggle of the proletariat!

Everywhere in the world the contradiction is always more striking between the human needs and the needs of Capital, and profit. Grim murderous merry-go-round of stock exchanges and markets, cynical and murderous calendar of adjustment structural plans, all this implies for our class always more misery, deprivation, daily and generalized poisoning. Capital's catastrophe speeds up and it's always our class that picks up the tab!
Capital deprived us of anything to force us to work
When it doesn't need our labour force anymore, it lets us dying
Capital kills and doesn't have anything else to offer

But the proletariat doesn't take the increasing brutality of the many attacks against its survival conditions without doing something. These last weeks, in dozens of countries all over the world, our class took to the street, reappropriating something to eat for not dying.

Faced with this human reaction social democracy deplores lootings and revolts "without prospects". In the name of saving the planet it advocates austerity, abnegation and submissiveness. Denouncing such or such "pernicious effect of the system", brandishing the mystification of "world overpopulation", it feeds us again with its wild imaginings of accounting reforms supposed to regulate profit and to humanize the capitalist barbarity.

Everywhere in the world proletarians get nowadays hammered through generalized attack against "purchasing power". Yet, resignation through social democratic acceptance of the "lesser evil" globally still prevails today: the worst is and will always be elsewhere, farther, in the "third world", by "the poorest", "the most exploited"...

Bourgeoisie can still take the liberty of maintaining the struggles of our class in isolation and restore its social peace while murdering with impunity our class brothers striking for their most elementary needs. And this with the necessary support of these useful idiots, these docile citizens who vote and sort out their household waste, these sloppy spectators standing before their television and who will maybe shed tears over "violence and hunger in the world" between two election or sports results.

Dying or struggling, there is no other alternative for the proletariat
Let's support our struggling class brothers, let's fight everywhere against exploitation
Hunger riots and suburbs riots... these struggles are ours
Our enemy is everywhere the same
This system is in crisis? May it die!

Internationalist Communist Group - April 2008
BP 33 - Saint-Gilles (BRU) 3 - 1060 Brussels-Belgium (important: without mentioning the group's name)
e-mail: icgcikg[at]yahoo.com - our press on internet:  http://www.geocities.com/icgcikg/
Comrades, this leaflet is an expression of our struggling class, copy it, and spread it!


homepage: homepage: http:// http://www.geocities.com/icgcikg/leaflets/hungerriots.htm

"austerity, abnegation" 09.May.2008 15:51

Working Class "Prol"

If you really wish to speak to the "proletariat" you have to remember that we most likely didn't go to fancy schools. "austerity, abnegation" Are you serious? You come across like a yuppy professor that enjoys re-enacting historical periods. I didn't even finish the article because you lost me right there. Only snot-nosed, wealthy, intellectuals respect that kind of stuff.

Speak from your soul. Speak with passion. Don't dumb it down, you can be intelligent and clever but convey it in the language of every day speech. Let me know you understand what it's like to be me and that you care whether I understand you or not. That is, if you want working class people to respect what you have to say and take you seriously.

get a dictionary 12.May.2008 20:38

ian wallace

there is no reason that groupings should not speak precisely. It is important to speak freely, to use words that convey ideas that are more complex then what workers most commonly invited to explore. This is not derogatory towards the working class (to us), but a invitation to elevate our qualitative understanding. we don't need a collage degree, but we could certainly purchase a dictionary.

The ICG, while I disagree with them on many points, in very interesting, and it is worth ones time to read their press. often times, their English translations are poor, but I believe their theoretical contributions are very helpful.

I can agree that the left is often unaccessible, and it's propaganda speaks more to itself then to the masses. But this does not negate the need to express complicated concepts, and to use the language that we have at our disposal to do this. The ICG, unlike many groupings that simply regurgitate Lenin or Trotsky (or other dialectical zombies), choose words to convey ideas, not out of fidelity to the past, but to understand the present.