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Akha.org Salem Reaches Out to Myanmar

Cyclone Nargis devestated the people of the delta in Myanmar, estimates are more than 100,000 dead. We are planning a rapid relief trip into the region.
With estimates ranging up to 100,000 or more dead in Myanmar following the disastrous cyclone Nargis, people of Myanmar face a nightmare.

We are mobilizing for a trip into Yangon in the next few days.

Your assistance and financial help is urgently needed. Basic trip costs on short notice run at $4000. More funds can be used for portable water purification plants.

Our knowledge of the region and languages after 13 years on the Thai Burmese border helping the Akha are a plus.

Help make a difference and make a donation on line at:

Your donations are tax deductable.

For information contact us at the email below.

Matthew McDaniel
The Akha Heritage Foundation

homepage: homepage: http://www.akha.org
phone: phone: 971-388-7185

TENS OF THOUSANDS DEAD! 09.May.2008 06:00


That'll fix it!

Mathew wants money!!! 09.May.2008 11:47

Ben Franklin

Sounds good just another scam for Mathew to make some money without a real job. I thought you were going on a horseback ride? Typical of you to raise money and not follow through. Total scam artist.

Question... 09.May.2008 12:06


Sorry I'm little skeptical here since I've seen scumbags scamming people asking for donation at the time of catastrophe. Besides how are you going to get the visa? I am hearing reports of visa applications not being approved.