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Friday: Sea Lion Funeral Procession & Memorial

There will be a Press Release soon that will give more details.
This Friday at 3:00pm, people who care about Sea Lions will be meeting at Salmon and Waterfront to start a funeral procession for the now 8 Sea Lions who have been killed in the past 2 weeks (we don't know currently if others have been killed that we are unaware of). We will then march to NOAA 1201 Lloyd Blvd (suite 1100 is there exact office) to have a memorial and demo at 4:00pm.

What: Sea Lion Funeral Procession/Memorial/Rally

When: Friday May 8, 2008
Starts at 3:00pm, we will then have a Memorial/Rally @ 4pm at NOAA

Where: Starting on Salmon & Waterfront, ending at NOAA offices

Why: There should not have been any deaths in the hands of the government or fishermen. We need to let everyone know that people do care about Sea Lions and to LEAVE THE SEA LIONS ALONE!

Friday, May 9th!!! 08.May.2008 13:03


It is on Friday, May 9th

Very appropriate location 08.May.2008 13:21


How very appropriate to begin the procession on SALMON Street.