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Bike Hugger Urban Ride and Mobile Social

An urban bike ride and social at the Lucky Lab. May 21st, 3 - 7pm. Organized along with the WebVisions crew.
We're in Portland, Oregon for our next Hugga Event and it's on May 21st to coincide with WebVisions. WebVisions is a two-day web conference that explores the future of Web design, technology, user experience and business strategy. Find them here. Just like we did at SXSW, we're going to ride and then meetup at a pub for a reception with a raffle, giveaways, and schwag o' plenty. Running from 3 - 7 pm, we'll meet up at a Oregon Convention Center to ride around and see the sites like the Portland zoo and the Waterfront Loop, ending up at the Lucky Lab Brew Pub around 5pm for the Mobile Social reception. So what's a Mobile Social Event? It's Like a Tupperware party for bike enthusiasts, only without the beehive hairdo or weird cult-like party games. More details to come; in the meantime, check us out on our Bike Hugger blog and on our Upcoming event page. Let us know you'll be there! Brought to you by: * Crumpler Bags * Clip-n-Seal * Ibex Outdoor Clothing * Kona Bikes * Novara * Reynolds * Textura Design, Inc.

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