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Hillary Clinton (aka Bush Recloned) Washed Up Before Oregon Primary

We've had one too many Clinton, and two too many Bushes. Clinton is pure status quo -- on the take with payola from Israel (AIPIC), the politician Michael Moore identifies as most on the take from big medicine. She voted for the war... and as recently as this spring said she wouldn't get out of Iraq by 2010.
A photo of Barack Obama smiling with his wife during the victory speech in North Carolina Tuesday under the headline "The Presumptive Nominee" tops the Post today. Obama's victory in North Carolina and close loss in Indiana halted the momentum of Hillary Clinton, just when she "crawled, kicked and bitten" her way back into contention, writes the Post's political editor Thomas B. Edsall. Clinton failed to get the "game-changer" she needed because voters "rejected cynicism" and the idea that Democrats need to play the Republican game better than Republicans could, R.J. Eskow writes. Voters made way for Obama because they didn't like Clinton's "Rovian campaign," according to Dylan Loewe, who also notes that Obama improved among Catholics and voters making less than $50,000.

Obama is not the same old thing? 07.May.2008 19:11


Have you checked Obama's voting record lately? Do you know that his mentor is Joe Lieberman? That he flip/flops on abortion votes, votes for nuclear power, against class action, for strict bankruptcy and crime laws, is the 4th largest recipeint of war investor money, has always voted to finance this war he claimis he's against, in 2004 told the Chicago Tribune that his position on the war and Bush's were virtually the same. He voted FOR the Patriot Act and the Homegrown Terrorism Act.

Yeah, he gives excellent speeches. Is that all you want? Are you O.K. with Bush style policy and surveillance with a nice voice, in nice clothes, with a nice personality?

If so, I can't argue with you.