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Sea Lion death cause not bullets

It appears that the sea lions found dead were not shot.
I just caught this on corporate news, so I do not know much about this new information. The sea lions found dead this weekend were "not shot". There was a slug found in one of them, but it was from an old wound. If the animals were not shot, then what did kill them? I am assuming we will find out soon. Maybe. We need to stay on top of this, of course, and discover just what is happening out there on the river.

Meanwhile above the dam by Carson, fishermen were caught in a gill net and their boat capsized. Gill nets.

center feature trouble? 07.May.2008 19:04


I would have added this bit of information to the feature article, but when I try, the link will not open.

Latest 07.May.2008 21:42


Initially, it was reported that there were bullet wounds in the sea lions. It was then reported that there were bullet holes, but no bullets. It is now being reported that there are no bullet holes (other than two old wounds), and no bullets. Everyone at the dam is being tight-lipped. When we were out there early this week, we were told by numerous workers out there that they knew something, but that they were prohibited from talking about it. We also saw workers combing over the floors of the traps, searching for bullets and casings. (It's hard to imagine why they would have spent so much time doing this, if there were no bullet wounds.)

So the story is changing. It is almost certain that this was an inside job. It is also certain that there is some kind of cover-up, since everyone has been instructed not to talk. Mysteriously, no footage is yet available from the many, many security cameras we saw when we were up there.

It is also interesting to note that two of the sea lions had evidence of prior shootings. One had shrapnel, and the other had a slug embedded in their bodies that had healed over. Just how many fanatical freaks are out there shooting at these beings? ...And they say the sea lions are aggressive.