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Jets over portland?

At exactly 10:10pm, 3 very loud jets were heard soaring over SE Portland. These were definitely NOT commercial jets. 1) They were flying low. 2) they were EXTREMELY loud, and 3) They came one after another with about 45 seconds to 1.5 minutes apart from each other. Does anyone know what that is all about?
At exactly 10:10pm on 5-6-08, 3 very loud jets were heard soaring over SE Portland. These were definitely NOT commercial jets. 1) They were flying low. 2) they were EXTREMELY loud, and 3) They came one after another with about 45 seconds to 1.5 minutes apart from each other. Does anyone know what that is all about?

heard it 06.May.2008 22:27


I heard it too at about the same time, in Se

I heard this also. 06.May.2008 22:36


This first jet was a much deeper sounding roar that tapered off unexpectedly. The second and third jets sounded similar in volume and tone. This isn't the first time I've heard noncommercial sounding - loud enough to make your heart skip a beat -jet activity over Portland in recent months. I'm wondering what kind of what kind of public records would track such activity.

Wish I did know 06.May.2008 22:41


Heard it too, and saw, in SE. Freaked me out. Came here to see if I could find out WHY they're here.

heard them too 06.May.2008 22:48

<3 belmont

heard the first one while out smoking... looked up through the trees when the next two came, saw three red lights per 'jet'... interesting to say the least...

no telling 06.May.2008 22:53


Hum, I have checked the streaming radio stations and television (not that I expected much from that) and haven't seen anything yet. Hopefully there will be SOME information about this tomorrow... Where is the nearest air force base anyway?

Just PDX Airbase 06.May.2008 23:26


I believe that it was routine training for the F-15 fighter pilots based at PDX. They will be low and loud at times, both at night and during the day.

Nearest air base 06.May.2008 23:35


 http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/facility/portland.htm This page is a bit dated, from 2006, but it has some interesting information about pdx's air base anyway.

"The 142nd Fighter Wing (FW) of the Oregon Air National Guard occupies 246 acres of leased land on the Portland International Airport (IAP), located approximately five miles south of Portland, Oregon. The mission of the 142nd FW is to provide operational headquarters and training facilities for the installation and tenant units, support the Oregon Emergency Action Plan, and serve the community. The unit currently flies the F-15 Eagle...."

anti-terror exercise link? 07.May.2008 01:04

pond scum

There are allegedly anti-terror simulations and training exercises happening this week in Seattle, Umatilla, OR, and possibly elsewhere. The jets could have something to do with that, but I'm not sure. The drills I heard about don't seem very publicized.


Yes, occasionally heard them before 07.May.2008 01:13

also SE near Woodstock

and heard them tonight around 10:00 p.m.

somehow they're periodically granted low-level overflight privileges - often at odd times - for training/whatever purpose.

All the time 07.May.2008 04:49


I lived in North Portland; hearing those fuckers roar overhead was a near-daily event.

Just wondering though, if there is a connection to the breach of security at Bonneville Dam (assuming killing sea lions in cages was NOT an inside job) and the change of practice route for the bombers.

airport 07.May.2008 08:46



link to the noise management section of pdx webpage. This will inform you of fly-over times, and training.

could it be...? 07.May.2008 09:03


FEMA is still running it's 8-day terror drill that's coordinated with NORAD, the air force, Canada, and 5,000 of our troops who will be coming into the pacific northwest...

ps everyone have their escape plan & emergency food ready?

Yeah I did too! 07.May.2008 12:52

Pissed Off Mama

I live near the top of a hill so it was quite extreme at my house. Our household was engaged in loud conversation which dead stopped because of the loud roar over head which was followed by a screeching/screaming/high pitch noise with each jet that passed. Our living room was visibly quaking. Upon hearing the high pitch noise (having grown up in the 80s) I almost ducked and covered, but stopped myself at hunching down. My son was terrified and asking a million questions about why bomber planes would be flying here.
What a ridiculous nuisance! Is there anywhere we can make a formal complaint? Perhaps all the neighborhoods effected by this bullshit could work together to get it stopped?

Port Of Portland Noise Management Info 07.May.2008 13:09

Working Class Mama

This is part of a military night training exercise May 5th - 8th  http://www.flypdx.com/SelfPost/A_200851141649ORANGpm050508.pdf
This page claims that missions would be complete by no later than 10pm. Considering they flew over my house in deep SE at 10:10pm there's no way they were landed and quiet by 10pm. It also mentions nothing about jets flying hair raisingly low.

complaints apparently go here:  ContactUs@PortofPortland.com
and here: 1 800 938 6647 or 503 460 4100 and here: Fax 503 460 4027

I'm not sure what exactly this is or if the general public is allowed but here:

PDX Citizens Noise Advisory Committee
May 8, 2008 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Portland International Airport, St Helens Room B
7000 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97218
PDX Noise Management programs and community issues
Shannon Huggins

Noise Comment Program:

Easy 07.May.2008 13:38

Problem Solver

A lot of hunters in SE have long range rifles with good scopes. Jets are like really big ducks. A few warning shots ought to cure them of their late night joy riding real fast...

now you almost know what its like to live in Gaza. (almost) 07.May.2008 16:46

Ben Der

If you were frightened by the sound of f-15s at 500 feet. , imagine living in Gaza, occupied Palestine, when israeli f-15s dive into residential areas and drop 500 pound bombs on you or your neighbors. You should also know that this is supplied to the zionist, racist "nation" courtesy of your tax dollars. Oh yeh, also Bagdad, Afgahnistan, korea, Vietnam and just about every other poor third world country in the world. We need to do this in order " to protect our freedom".

Extreme noise over residential / noise sensative region 07.May.2008 17:11

War Machine Noise Overload

Noise complaint contact person: Major Todd Hofford Oregon Air National Guard also add complaints to PDX Airport Noise Office data to let them know we don't want this noise and danger. Call or to file a noise complaint --

The F-15's are doing extra ordinary fast/loud/low antics for 'practice' over our homes are most distressing. Two remote crashes happened in Eastern Oregon two years ago and over the Oregon Coast Ocean last year crashed or mid-air crash caused a debris field over 8 - 10 miles. Are these the same group of F-15's they said have stress fractures and were grounded until recently.

Out of area fighters bigger, louder and faster, join in and many times fly out by sets of two, then the next two 20-30 seconds later, causing extreme noise for us on the ground. Fuel burned by the tons, pollution, noise and danger below, it makes NO sense to carry on these practice flights performing extreme maneuvers at low altitudes is a tragedy in the making.

If one of these super-sonic aircraft crash over/onto our densely populated communities, imagine the potential devastation.

They need to practice over some other area that is NOT so heavily populated as Oregon/Washington neighborhoods. These planes do not need to employ super sonic and afterburner overkill simply to take off from PDX.

There are Federally mandated noise abatement requirements that they are exceeding regularly over our homes, and this kind of hot-dogging is not acceptable.

So true - 07.May.2008 17:21

ETO - end the occupation

"now you almost know what its like to live in Gaza"....You read my mind -- we said the same thing this a.m., this is a small taste of how they feel in Gaza, only those fighter jets are not practicing they are aiming at and killing innocents with impunity - funded by U.S. tax dollars and it's terroristic

Out Late Again 07.May.2008 22:28

Working Class Mama

It's after 10pm and they are out making noise AGAIN. Not so low this time though.

What's the contact info for Major Todd Hofford Oregon Air National Guard?

As for the comparisons with Iraq, Palestine, etc. I get that. I don't want military jets terrorizing neighborhoods there or here.

jets over PDX 08.May.2008 00:09


i was recently in PDX, from Tejas. I noticed when I landed that there were F15's on the tarmac. Looked like "reserves" of the Air Natl. Guard, or possible auxillary Air Force aircraft. From my knowledge about flying...planes take off and land into the wind. Could have been that the winds were different than usual that day...hence causing any plane to land from a different route, and on a different runway. Either way, at least you all are alert to differences in patterns.

lived in Gresham for 17 years our house is directly in the flight pattern. 07.Jun.2008 07:28

Nanny of Many -what happened to park rose flight pattern? nannyofmany@yahoo.com

We have lived in our home for over 17 years. In the past few months Portland airport has changed the flight pattern. A plane travels directly over our home about every five minutes. I can no longer sit in our hot-tub and relax. I went to counseling last week due to lack of sleep and stress from noise. I do not know who to contact, but if the flight pattern continues, we will be forced to sell our home and move. the stress is incredible, not to mention the constant noise. What happened to the original flight pattern? why is everything coming from the Park rose district over our home? My next step is to find an attorney.

21829 S.E Yamhill- Gresham oregon

jets low over Gresham too! 15.Aug.2008 12:35


We had a military jet go over us two days ago and it shook our home and windows. complaints just don't seem to work. We have a plane go over our home every 5 minutes with the exception of Wednesday night when they come over our home every 3 minutes and this is almost the entire night. We can't even sit in our hot-tub and relax. We are hoping to sell our home to our son who says he is not bothered by the planes probably because he grew-up in our home. In the matter of jets... they have been coming in from test flights far to low and getting away with it. My husband had a pilots license and used to fly.... he states they are breaking rules for elevations and the tower is allowing them to break the rules. We have given-up on trying to get someone to listen to us... good luck

Nanny of Many

Military Fighter jets flight over head almost daily 01.Feb.2010 16:18


I live in Oregon City Or. and almost daily for over a month(and have had them fly over in the past as well) I have two sonic booming sounds after I am seeing two jets(black or grey jets looking like military fighter jets)
they are a constant in our neighborhood and I would love to know WHY!!!
They fly over anywhere from 10am to 2to3pm, and they are fast, and sometimes very high but the ones that have been flying by lately are black and flying quiet low.

Does the military think Oregon City has some type of air threat or is this just procedure????? all I know I don't like the idea that they may have and accident and shoot something or crash and set of there weapons that way

Jets and Rumors of Jets 31.Jan.2012 20:43

Scott Donwerth donwerth@hotmail.com

I heard 2 of them just now, Mayla says she heard 4 all together today. It's 8:44 PM. They were fighter planes i'd guess from the sound of them. Martial Law soon?

UNKNOWN JET ACTIVITY 10.May.2012 21:45

PUMPER4662 pumper4662@yahoo.com

i live in mcminnville,an for the last 6-8 years, every night around 10pm, a large and very quiet (stealthy) jet flies over,traveling south to north every time.i can only assume that it is part of our national air defense.
has anyone else seen this or know what it is?

Unknow jet activity 03.Aug.2014 16:58

unusually low

8/3/14 I live in a country area that has rare small airplanes flying over but today around 16:30 three jets flying side by side flew over extremely low; I heard more behind me, turned around and three more flew over. These appear to be military aircraft not private. Does anyone know what is going on?

Jets over my house 13.May.2015 21:57


Past three nights around 10:00 pm, jets flying over the house...