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John Trudell insults women

John Trudell joins TV pundits calling Hillary Clinton sexist names at a benefit for women's health care.
John Trudell spoke in Eugene, Oregon on Saturday night. He read poetry and spoke about the election. He started by saying 'they're lying to you. This is a pretend election. I'm a non-voter - a member of the biggest party in America, etc' and then began a sexist rant on Hillary Clinton. "She's a witch, a bitch, has the face of a reptile". What did he say about Obama? "He's a Manchurian" as in The Manchurian Candidate. He might get assasinated. No insults to his race. No insults about his platform. This was a slap in the face to every single woman in the audience. It was degrading to the women who do the work to set up events like this where he can be a star and get standing ovations: it is mostly women who organize, make the phone calls, take care of the kids, make the food, clean the space, so that the 'star' can perform. I do not expect John Trudell to act like Norman Mailer or Abby Hoffman, but he sure sounded like them. This is not about a presidential candidate, it is about holding women down, keeping us from public power, using the same degrading and humiliating words that are thrown at us whenever we break our silence. That are used to keep women from entering the 'man's world' which still exists, in which jobs pay better, have good benefits, are often interesting. That are used to keep us 'in our place'. I expect more from any or 'alternative' poet/activist, especially one who says he's against the System. I expect him to understand the mechanics of sexism, and to reject them.

True Trudell 07.May.2008 10:57


I like the IDEA of a John Trudell, but the reality is something else again. I went to a music festival in Southern Ca. a few years ago. The only "famous" act was Trudell. The headliner. Many people showed up just because he was the star attraction. As soon as the sun went down he hit the stage and did just exactly ONE "SONG". The crowd cheered wildly, and he just up and LEFT. GONE in two seconds. No announcements, no explanations, NADA. Well fuck THAT!

I'm saddened and angered to hear this about Trudell. 07.May.2008 11:50


I heard him speak about 6 years ago in Portland,and he gave off no mysogynist vibe,so the incident at Eugene shocked and surprised me. I think he should be taken to task by Winona LaDuke,Joy Harjo and any number of other Native women activists and artists. Further,his Native brothers could also aid these women in challenging Trudell's blatant sexism. If he can be a spokesperson for the incident at Oglala,he must be held accountable for the incident in Eugene (and elsewhere).

Did anybody hear him at the Unitarian Church in PDX last Fri.?

OK, how 'bout THIS? 07.May.2008 14:31

N8TV Woman


Not EVERY single woman had her faced slapped by Trudell's words about Hillary Rodham-Clinton. I didn't, and I was there, and have a different take on what he was saying. You don't think they are all lying to us? Do you think ANY of them are going to bring change? They were all lumped together in that regard.

But, if it makes you feel better, here are some solid reasons why I personally won't vote for Hillary Rodham-Clinton (in fact, I won't vote at all - that's buying into this illusion that it means anything):

OK, how about pointing out that Hillary Rodham-Clinton sold her soul to pharmaceutical lobbies, who paid her to STFU about the whole national health care thing?

Or that she has never opposed the illegal invasion/occupation of Iraq - until fairly recently?

Or that it has been proven that she is a liar?

Or that she was and is part of a murderous government, and now wants to lead it?

You want change for women, anastasia? It won't come from someone who is Black or female or a Black female or anyone else operating within this dominant culture.

I think you missed my point 07.May.2008 19:02


N8, my point was not about candidates. I don't support any major candidate. My point is about using sexist language to humiliate women. Especially when he's doing a benefit for them.

Get your money back 08.May.2008 03:58

N8TV Woman

Annastayshea - I didn't miss your point. And, while I agree that the use of the word "BITCH" is a gender-based insult, I just don't agree with you that he was putting down women everywhere. You seem to miss my subtle point, so I will make it clearer: Hillary does NOT deserve to be elected on the basis of her gender.

If you're unhappy with the performance, why don't you ask for a refund of your donation? Call Give Love, Give Life and express your concerns.

Sexism 08.May.2008 06:58

A Womyn

(tried posting something yesterday, but it's not here? so, will try again.)

anastasia, thanks for speaking out about this. you're right. it makes no sense for trudell to be doing a benefit for women while in the same breath he is denigrating them. my question is, what is the purpose of his campaign?

check this out:


Only fits one shoe 08.May.2008 09:54


I don't get this argument that sexist language isn't sexist. I don't care if you're talking about Condaleeza Rice. You call her that name you call me that name you call women responding to this post that name. There are no comparable words in English to denigrate men. I wish there were because when you're called a _____ you'd have a come-back. Dick, prick and asshole (which is gender neutral, we all got 'em) don't have the same power.

Just wondering? 09.May.2008 06:46


Why some cogent posts (one in particular) on this topic do not make it on to the computer screen.

Are there some kind of secret criteria which these posts do not measure up to? I know there was no abusive language in the one I am waiting to see.

Why do only some posts get posted?

Why is it an insult? 17.Jun.2008 18:12

White Eagle Woman, Crane Clan

The truth hurts, does it not? Hillary does and has lied to the American public, as has ALL of the past American government. It's not my government, it's not the one I want for my people. Who could trust a woman who has covered up alot of her and her husband's wrong doings? John, people don't know you brother as we true native brothers and sisters do. The haven't seen the work that you have done on getting better health care for women and children around the world. Keep up the good fight, Brother! Apparently, the "don't get it".

Was it really or is she part of One World ORder 28.Jul.2008 00:53

Vicki Trusselli vickitrusselli@gmail.com

One World Order is my conclusion! My grandmother was from Oklahoma, the peaceful tribe, the Choctaws! I moved from Los Angeles five years ago to Texas. My father was Italian. So I am part Irish, Italian and Native American and never really knew that! Think about it!

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