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Breaking "news!" Angler almost drowned by Sea Lion!

Some moron fisherman was interviewed by the intrepid Chan 6 news this morning. He was "almost drowned" by a sea lion.
Seems that as the fat bastard was dragging his prey, kicking and screaming, from it's habitat, a sea lion exercised the right of prior ownership, and grabbed said salmon. The man was "almost dragged into the water and drowned" by the creature from the deep. Guess he was tied to his tackle. No, wait-he goes on to state that his thumb was burned by the friction as the creature tried to "steal" his catch, reeling out the line rapidly. Aw, geez. Wouldn't that be justice?

WTF? how could this translate into an almost drowning? Because the greedy bastard refused to let go? Because he was probably too drunk to swim? Because he was too mentally deficient to be wearing a PFD if he could not swim? The gene pool would surely miss this one.

I saw the interview 06.May.2008 12:29


That guy and his friend were either exaggerating or lying....it was very noticeable!