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“Committed To Healing: Involuntary Commitment Procedures” : A Fraud

The law invites the ruling class, the government, the intelligence agencies, etc.,to silence adversaries while pretending to heal them.
"Committed To Healing: Involuntary Commitment Procedures" : A Fraud
The law invites the ruling class, the government, the intelligence agencies, etc.,to silence adversaries by pretending to heal them.

"Committed To Healing: Involuntary Commitment Procedures" is the title of a law journal article recently published in the Texas Bar Journal, May 2008, Vol.71,No.5, and invites the public to consider paying an attorney to ' put someone away. '

In my opinion the article immorally proposes a legal method to be used by the truly mentally ill in our society to threaten, torture, imprison and kill perfectly sane human beings in furtherance of financial or political interests, or in order to perpetuate a favored ideology or other egregious agenda.See:

Note that the true objective of the law of involuntary commitment is not to heal, but to destroy a life ; further, those who use the law for involuntarily commitment purposes are among the most predatory, dangerous and psychopathic human beings in society.According to the article, the mental illness warnings (to be used as a factual basis for involuntary committement are as follows:
1)change in thinking, mood, or behavior
3)depression...sleeping pattern changes
5)inappropriate emotional responses
6)feelings of losing control
7)addiction to...people or events
7)thinking or talking about suicide
10)substance abuse

In reality the above list is most probably indicative of signs of sound mental health when the Targeted individual (of the Commitment order or other predatory agenda) is pursued by the deranged relative, corrupt police or fbi/cia operatives, or other public policy stooge.See:
A human being who responds to psychological and physical assaults, psychoelectronic and related assaults, or other powerful stimuli is likely to show some or all of the above so-called warning signs.See:

Indeed, as I have shown in my reports, any failure to show signs consistent with the the first eight (if not all ten) of the above listed 'signs' may reveal a truly disturbed personality(i.e.: one incapable of adjusting to the violence directed at him often 24/7, for decades).See:

The real issue that is being obscured by the legal community in the article is this: How do we as a people stop the most corrupt individuals among us (including those in powerful positions-such as those in the fbi/cia and the legal community in general ) from driving our Brothers and Sisters insane; and why do the legal professionals, the state bar administrators , and the supreme court justices around the country and at every level pretend that reports such as this one are irrelevant, delusional, or insignificant. The answer is that these so-called 'leaders of the community' are pitifully corrupt and at times inhumane both in their legal theories and in the applications thereof. These high rolling socialites often support (in their stupor)
the perpetrators of crimes against Humanity, even as they (the legal community)have the authority and the responsibility to expose the atrocities committed here at home and around the globe by their silent co-conspirators. Instead these leaders (often in the legal community as evidenced by the "Committed" article referenced above) pretend that reports such as this one are too graphic (or too realistic) for the public to digest. Thus corrupt public policy is established by the lowest form of human intellect and encourages slander, imprisonment and killing of many insightful individuals who sometimes point out the decadence (or lunacy) of modern public policy administrators and legal professionals. So, the next time the reader encounters such absurd ideas as expressed in the above "Committed" article, this reporter suggests reading "My Story In Detail" by Geral Sosbee and asking how anyone in his right mind and under similar circumstances would fail to show some or all of the falsely classified "mental Illness warnings" listed in the "Committed " article. Indeed, the ultimate question may not be seen/heard:
How do the people stop the insane rulers and power brokers (in government and private sectors) from a continuation of their unconscionable behavior , their patently absurd actions, and their clearly perverted dogma.See:
This report is repeatedly hacked by the fbi.

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/
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address: address: fascist uSA

Poor Dear Ought to be Locked up for His Own Good 05.May.2008 16:21


This poor fellow is posting this on IMC sites all around the country. A little time away in a nice quiet place could do him some good.

Did he imagine it? 05.May.2008 16:26


Below is a cut and paste of the table of contents of the journal cited in the post. The article he describes does not exist. What a lively imagination!

Texas Bar Journal

May 2008 | Volume 71, 5

As environmental issues, such as climate change and global warming, gain in importance in both the public and private sectors, lawyers will need to better understand this rapidly changing legal landscape. This issue focuses on several key topics affecting environmental law, from corporate sustainability and social responsibility and their legal ramifications to voluntary cleanup incentives to the regulation of carbon dioxide emissions.

Adobe Reader is required to view all table of content items. Please click here to download the free reader. Image



Environmental Law


Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility: A Legal Perspective
By Jeff Civins and Mary Mendoza


Incentives for Voluntary Cleanup are Back!
By Becky Lebus Jolin and James C. Morriss III


Global Warming and the Regulation of Carbon Dioxide Emissions
By Eric J. Mayer
2008 Proposed Annual Meeting Resolutions
Ad Review Committee Adopts Interpretive Comment
Stewart-Morris Board Room Rededicated

Solo/Small Firm: Are You Exposed?
By Nickie Hyde



Letters to the Editor
President's Opinion
Classified Advertising
et cetera
TYLA President's Opinion
Client Page
Disciplinary Actions
Back Page
Lawyers on the Move

Look, Dumbasses 05.May.2008 20:41


The "involuntary commitment" procedures were the absolute precursors to Gitmo! Some lame-ass the-rapist decides some poor fuck has to spend his/her life in some tiny hell because of some imagined "illness." Yeah, some people are nuts. But why do they have to be imprisoned for life?

Because that is convenient for the powers that be. So just keep watching that TV, and don't question anything. Otherwise, go to some "institution," and be totally neutralized. Your choice, sucker.

"Committed to Healing: Involuntary Commitment Procedures"- A FRAUD 06.May.2008 09:10

GERAL SOSBEE gsosbee@gmail.com

To the two twirps who recorded their false allegations after reading my report, the article is located on page 432 of the Texas Bar Journal, May 2008, Vol. 71, No.5, under the heading of the "Client Page" and is specifically addressed as, "Information For Clients Of Texas Attorneys" (in other words the general public).
Many Indymedia groups such as San Diego Indymedia and others refuse to publish the report of this drty Secret of American Jurisprudence because the people must be kept in the dark, lest the attorneys, judges and their predator associates in the ruling class suffer a REVOLT. In reality the laws which encourage Involuntary Commitment are nationwide and for this reason I tried to file my report around the country at different Indymedia groups.
Best Wishes.geral sosbee
Questions! (956) 371-5210

fascist uSA

They threw Soviet dissidents into mental institutions, too 06.May.2008 15:33

Jody Paulson

The practice is now being revived in Russia:

I don't think there's much room for doubt that Americans are doing experiments on driving currently held prisoners insane:

The US psychological torture system is finally on trial
author: Naomi Klein of the Guardian