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Lone Vet Report

This madness must end
can you hear us now?
can you hear us now?
We will return to the Earlman's office this Thursday at "High Noon." We will be there until he sees the light and calls for the impeachment of the criminals in the White House or the Bush Family is out of office.

The Dems are going to give Bush his 108 Billion plus another 70 Billion for domestic programs. This is outrageous that they would include in the upcoming supplemental good and noble programs like the new GI bill. We must replace all the leadership of the Democratic Party and recall Blumenauer so he can sell real used cars at his leisure. This madness must end.

For Peace and Justice

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Amen, Vet! 05.May.2008 18:07

the people

The democrats haven't done their part, so now it's time we do ours- kick them out!
Earl should start packing his bow ties now...

see you there!!