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Sea Lion Demonstration Today at Bonneville Dam: Head up if you can

Stumptown Earth First and Portland Animal Defense League are organizing a demonstration today at Bonneville Dam, the site of the slaughter of six sea lions who were trapped in cages at the time of the shooting. Please join them if you can. The demonstration will begin as quickly as people can get up to the dam, and should be going on all day.
People are planning to converge on the Washington side. To get there from Portland, you can take I-84 all the way up to Cascade Locks, and then cross the Bridge of the Gods. (There is a one dollar toll to cross the bridge, each way.) When you get across the bridge, turn left. On the left side of the road, you will see the dam, the killer traps, and you will likely see demonstrators. Please join them.

You can also travel up the Washington side, rather than I-84, if you prefer.

At this time, those of us who are concerned about the sea lions really want to educate the public about these beautiful animals and their place in the Columbia river ecosystem. I do not speak for EF or ADL, but I believe we are in agreement about this right now. The plan is to be respectful and keep the focus on the sea lions.