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Breaking News: Six Sea Lions Dead

Four California sea lions and two Steller sea lions were found shot to death below Bonneville river at noon today. The area is now sealed off as a crime scene, since the killing involved gunshots at a federal facility. The sea lions were found dead at the traps. ...at the TRAPS.
This killing is a direct result of the government's recent proposal to kill sea lions. This is what we all knew would happen, up and down the river, from now on. A killing frenzy. Sea lions have been scapegoated for the human-induced salmon crisis, and fishermen have whipped themselves up into a frothing vengeance. As we knew it would, they have taken the government's decision as permission to kill. As they were meant to.

These, by the way, are the very fishermen who have been screaming about how "aggressive" the sea lions are when they try to haul out into their boats. I think it's pretty clear which species is truly aggressive, and truly destructive here. The sea lions were apparently caged in the traps at the time of the shooting, and although the finger on the trigger was apparently some beer-soaked fisherman (who remains free tonight) rather than an ODFW official, the government is directly to blame for putting these sea lions into harm's way in this manner. Please let them know what you think.

And please get to the river and keep watch. There will likely be more shootings like this now. Do what you must to protect the sea lions from human aggression.

More information to be coming soon.

This should be featured 04.May.2008 22:04


I think this article should be featured. It's important!!!!

Oregonian article 04.May.2008 22:19


The Oregonian article on the sea lion killing (titled "Caged sea lions may have been shot." May have been?!) is (unsurprisingly) drawing some pretty disturbing comments.


Call to register your voice 04.May.2008 23:39


They must hear from you.


This is a link to an article with a list of phone numbers that you can call to complain about the killing of these sea lions. The government is to blame, the media is to blame, the fishermen are to blame. They need to know that we care.

The sea lions weren't trapped at time of shooting 06.May.2008 20:18


The Columbian on Monday reported that the sea lions weren't trapped in the cages when they were shot. They were free to come and go from the traps when they weren't in use, and sometimes as many as a dozen would hang out in the traps, according to Columbian. Also, the Columbian reported that the shooter likely came from the Washington side. I think it was reported on OPB radio that the shooter apparently had some familiarity with the trapping program, (i.e. more than what can be learned from the news)

actually, traps were closed when sea lions were found 09.May.2008 14:12


The Columbian reported yesterday that the traps were closed when the sea lions were found. Someone had shut the doors of the cages sometime between Saturday night and the time when the dead sea lions were found, at about noon Sunday.

The Columbian and other sources (including on the newswire) have reported that investigators found no bullet holes in the sea lion carcasses. It remains a mystery what killed them.

get your facts straight 10.May.2008 19:01


The Sea lions "WERE NOT SHOT" by a frothy mouth vengefully fisher man, or anybody else for that matter

Not shot? 12.May.2008 07:01

You ARE pretty gullible

Of course they were shot. Trained biologists told us they were shot at the very beginning. But we can't have word get out that a mega-dam is not fully protected from armed criminals, can we? I mean, after all, Homeland Security is on the job, making us all safer, right?

So you tell me. If not shot, then what?

Do you know that the official story up there right now is that they all simply died of "dehydration"?? Are you telling me you actually BELIEVE that nonsense? Five healthy adults and one healthy pup mysteriously died, all at once, after fewer than 15 hours of captivity? Most of that time at night? (The traps were checked at 7:30pm, and no sea lions were in them. At 11:30am, all the sea lions were dead. Temperatures never topped 60 during that period, and only reached 73 at nearly 5pm on Sunday, hours after the sea lions had died. Even at 73, sea lions haul out and lie in the sun for 10 hour stretches, voluntarily, with no ill effects.) And now, they're telling us that not one of those many security cameras up there was facing the restricted area, right in front of the dam, where the traps were??? Please.

This is a stinky and obvious cover up.

If they weren't shot, what did they die of? Did they simply commit suicide? Poison, maybe. But we'll never know because those in charge of the incestuous "investigation" up there have elected NOT to have toxicology tests done on the bodies. They "see no indication that this is necessary." Possibly because any independent investigator would notice the same bullet holes that the initial biologists encountered.