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<video> Homeless Protest Advocate, City Hall Candidate Jeff Bissonette sidewalk Interview

I didn't know Jeff was running for office when I first met him on the sidewalk outside of City Hall at the Homeless Protest Vigil on Friday evening
And I did not know he had just spent the night before right there at the protest ....until we all were all talking and it is mentioned

Apparently he is running for Sam Adams vacant seat here on Portland's city council

I like his viewpoints and his concern for this serious subject of homelessness in Portland

This is a 10 minute interview on May 1st on YouTube

I have posted Jeff's campaign website below for more information

homepage: homepage: http://www.portlandersforjeff.com/

The Video Needs An Edit Correction 04.May.2008 01:46

Joe Anybody

I am pulling the YouTube Version for a spelling correction at 1:45 am Sunday morning

I will repost the "corrected" version ... right back here on this same post once the video is finished being *reloaded back up to the Internet

Sorry ... for this unacceptable goof up


corrected Link 04.May.2008 08:06

Joe Anybody

Here is the spell-correced version