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KGW TV gives PR spot to Seargant Kyle Nice, killer of James Chasse

In what can only be described as a patently racist, and stupidly insensitive fluff piece, KGW TV just ran a story about "safety at Cinco de Mayo." They showed a lot of Latino families, implied that such a mass of dark-skinned people loomed with danger, and then assured people not to worry, the Portland police are on patrol, making us all... "safe."
Who was the officer to whom they gave their lenses to make this point? None other than Kyle Nice. Remember him? It's a name, a face, and a deed that is hard to forget. The not so nice officer Nice is the very thug who savagely beat James Chasse to death.

KGW, how could you? Even for you, this is hard to believe. In lauding this man for keeping us "safe" from all those scary brown people, you have sunk to a new low.

Here's my letter to KGW TV 03.May.2008 23:40

You can send one too

"How could you? Really, how could you?

I just watched an incredibly racist and unbelievably offensive story about Cinco de Mayo "safety," in which your anchor insinuated that lots of brown people gathering on the waterfront must be a public safety hazard. And then, to underscore this point, you did a long PR spot for none other than officer Kyle Nice.

Kyle will keep us safe from those scary, brown people, you implied.

Was this intentional??? Or did it escape your memory that Sergeant Nice is the man who savagely beat James Chasse to death on the street for no reason other than that he could get away with it. Is it really your position that we are "safer" because we have this brutal thug running rough-shod over all those scary brown people???

Fuck you. Really, just fuck you."

If you would like to contact KGW about this story, you can reach them here:  http://www.kgw.com/customerservice/HelpCenter.do

Racist?? 04.May.2008 19:41


I saw that same news story and no one mentioned "brown people" but you. Lots of different ethnic groups come to Cinco De Mayo.