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<videos> - Homeless Protest Outside City Hall - May 1st

I interviewed a few people outside on the sidewalk at The Homeless Protest Vigil at City Hall on May Day evening
3 Homeless Protest Videos from May 1 2008
3 Homeless Protest Videos from May 1 2008
This is a collection of three (3) videos all from May 1st at the Homeless Camp Protest
And as I finish the editing I will have a couple more still to post by tomorrow

I stop and talk with the first person I see, I also talk with one of the organizers that I am sorry to say but I didn't get his name:

This is the continuation of the conversation with a man who I believe is one of the organizers of this grassroots protest:

Around 9:PM a group of high school students show up with hot coco, compassion, and some snacks
I am inspired by the community spirit:

In Solidarity for Housing For The Homeless and safe treatment of those that are on the streets
~Joe Anybody

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