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community building

i want to start a free childcare network!

let's make it happen!
the idea is pretty simple: a network of babysitters banding together to offer free childcare to the community.

my basic vision involves a website and/or hotline that families browse/call, submit a request, and get free childcare. families can view profiles for each of the many many sitters, with info on their experience, certification, childcare style/philosophy, and other info. they choose the sitter they want, and email them directly. probably 72 hours in advance is cool.

the hotline thing is trickier, but not impossible. i have a few ideas, but we can talk about logistics later.

if anyone is interested in maybe helping get this started, in whatever capacity, email me! i'd like to form a formal collective ASAP, get the program going by autumn, and maybe even turn it into a formal 501(c)3 nonprofit if we feel like that's important.

yeah! <3<3

try a different pic 04.May.2008 01:32


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dude i will never eat pizza again 04.May.2008 10:18

i promise

Hey everybody, the link says "contribute to this article." It doesn't say "nit-pick this article to death so the original poster will never bother posting here again." For example, to "contribute" something would be to upload a different picture yourself that you liked better.