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In the Mountain

"the time has come for us to rise, from the rocks and thorns return now from exile deep, back to where we belong."
Martin Donnelly
Four bastions hovered beneath the clouds of human awareness. One was located in Nevada, one in Colorado, one in New Hampshire, and one in New York City. These four had in common the perverted desire to impose with the psychology of coercion, their collective will upon the conscience of America and the world. Myth cloaked each in carefully engineered fear. Area 51 was the land of UFO's and whores. Colorado Springs had taken the most willing of fundamental Christians, inserted them into the Air Force, and taken over that arm of our U.S. military. The theft of cruise missiles was never intended to demonstrate that the Middle East and the bombing of Iran. It was intended to demonstrate that the Air Force was now under full control.
Of the two bastions in the East, Kissinger & Associates lingered from a forgotten era, but somehow seemed able to engineer Washington, D.C. through the politics of fear. Carlyle Group had gone belly up. The Russian-Israeli Mafiya don and his lieutenant - Mogilevich and Bout - were behind bars. Mysteriously, deaths of politician falling from 23rd story rooms had ceased. Things were not going well for Kissinger & Associates.
The fourth bastion had its origins in England, but the research arm remained in New Hampshire. Live free or die may have been the motto of these New Englanders, but the British banks of Rothschild and their U.S. lackey, the Rockefellers, maintained control of their empire through BAE - British Aerospace & Engineering. BAE had purchased the HAARP technology patents and directed the implementation of a most fearsome device - a device that could own the weather and subvert the minds of those less willing. HAARP was located in Gakona, Alaska, with a nearby fighter base to protect it. Bouncing billion watt phased pulses off the ionosphere, using artificial ionospheric mirrors (AIM), they directed extremely low frequency waves at intended targets. Through release of barium salts into the upper atmosphere, the beam could alter the jet stream, or subjugate human will through psychoactive frequencies. Each was done with pinpoint accuracy.
James and Mark were names of two Biblical apostles. Admiral Fallen and General Betrayus were names of two men in position to execute takeover for the New World Order. Fallen had wavered and been replaced by Betrayus. It was left for the Dog soldiers, James and Mark to withstand the pressures brought to bear upon each. As in the play, Everyman, the chances of James and Mark remaining true to themselves hovered on a razor edge of imagined reality.
Mark was a physician and James was an electrical engineer. Both had opulent lifestyles compared to those who slept naked on the streets of New Delhi with their children. Mark lived high upon a hill overlooking a small town. He had installed a 1000-gallon cistern run by a photovoltaic pump, had fenced gardens from deer, a stone and cedar home with inlaid floors of cherry and banisters of walnut. He played Beethoven's third movement of Opus thirteen when stressed, and watched deer and birds out the windows of his retreat. During the day, he worked in the local hospital.
James had his ski chateau near Dartmouth for escape. This year's climate change had favored his passions. During the day he entered the BAE premises after careful security that only allowed cellphones that could not take pictures. Both men thought of themselves as free, enjoying the fruits of capitalist enterprise, hard work, and God given brains. Neither knew of the curse imposed upon them from birth.
Mark's father had been a world-class mathematician, escaping notice because as part of a team, few knew that it was his math skills that created breakthroughs in design of the atomic bomb. For that contribution, Mark had been placed in a body that could neither feel nor sense passion. His soul starved within its cage. James' father had engineered the breakthroughs in development of solid rocket fuels. As said before, these were the Dog soldiers of the Elite, whose technological prowess carried their masters upon their backs. Neither bore offspring, for the time of reckoning was near. They could not diffuse their power with children. Children might awaken their conscience. It was abuse of children, as was evidenced in Thailand, that quenched any stirrings of conscience among the Dog soldiers. Catholic priests helped in this starving of the soul's conscience.

Thunder Beings stirred and looked for those among mankind that would stand in the gap. A thousand ranks of soldiers marched in the Overworld, ready to aid those warriors willing and disciplined upon the earth planes of reality. Each warrior so tasked had one simple directive; awaken the sleeping middle class; awaken the Mark and James souls of the world; imbue them with courage. For this they were given two weapons, a sword of truth, and a voice to speak truth to power.
The word was two-edged and could discern the thoughts and intents of the heart. Those whose faith was blind could not hear the poetry of song in the warriors' voices. Only simple humility could awaken eyes to see. The stage was set. Everyman bowed as the curtains lifted.