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Where's riseup.net?

Anybody know what's happened to riseup?
Hasn't been available all day, and nothing in the "news" about it??

Problems 29.Apr.2008 21:25

More Problems

I have heard this from many people. Frustrating.

try this 30.Apr.2008 04:16


you can still check your email, but you can't go to www.riseup.net, instead you must type in mail.riseup.net

i don't know why.

status post 30.Apr.2008 06:40


Personally, I've had no trouble accessing the site, either the lists, administration, or mail. Here's their status report, though:

Hosting is down
Tue, 29 Apr 2008 02:33:01 -0700
The machine that hosts riseup.net and numerous other sites died on Monday. We are working on getting it back up. Other riseup services, such as mail and lists, are not affected.

here's the easy link 30.Apr.2008 09:35



takes you directly to the sign in page