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In 1813 Thomas Jefferson said "I see a free great and independent empire on the banks of the Columbia River,"

Klahowya Cascadians,

On May 2nd, 1843, a provisional government was established in Champoeg. This was the beginning of an interesting sequence of events, many of which remain untold in history texts. Nevertheless, the provisional government was established by 52 men stepping over a line drawn in the dirt to 48 standing still, thus authorizing the creation of the Organic Acts, the first government in Oregon, today known as Cascadia. While there were many similar events in the region, amendments to the Organic Acts set into motion the break up of the Oregon Country/Territory into the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, the Province of British Columbia, with parts of Northern California, Western Wyoming, Western Montana, Southwest Alaska, and Southwest Alberta joining their respective states and provinces. Cascadia Commons has chosen to honor this great day in history by hosting its "kick-off" event at Champoeg State Park and mimic the historic line crossing event. At 8 PM on May 2nd, 2008, we will draw a line in the ground, read the Cascadia Commons declaration, and ask those in attendance to step over the line if they choose to ratify the Cascadia Commons constitution.

Cascadia Commons is in the process of forming a 501 (c) 3 corporation that will work with communities and other nonprofits to restore the Cascadian Bioregion, establish a local economy, and protect local resources. We will encourage businesses and communities to live more sustainably and wisely so that Cascadia remains a place that the future can enjoy. Please send an email to  savepac17@yahoo.com for more information.

We recently made a reservation for Cascadia Commons at Champoeg State Park for May 2nd, 2008 at lot A12. Lot A12 will host 8 people, please email me at  savepac17@yahoo.com if you would like to join us at lot A12. If, however, you would like to reserve your own lot, please call 1-800-452-5687 and request that you want to be as close to A12 as possible. Several lots are still available in section A, however all lots in section B have been reserved. The receptionist said that A13 is still available. We will also host another line crossing event sometime the next day if people are unable to attend May 2nd. Please let us know if you would like to cross the line on May 3rd, 2008.

Each lot will only hold one car. Alternative forms of transportation are encouraged (which includes carpooling and river rafting), however, additional parking is available for $5 per night. Please view the Champoeg State Park website for more information:  link to www.oregonstateparks.org if you would like to join us at lot A12 or call 1-800-452-5687 to reserve your lot today.

Kwanesum Chinook Illahee kopa Kloshe Nanitch


homepage: homepage: http://cascadiacommons.org/