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Guelph: Bell Canada Vans Struck Again!

In the early morning of friday april 25th 3 Bell vans had their tires (12 of them) slashed.
We hope to express our solidarity with those fighting the implementation of capitalist expansion everywhere. From Tyendinaga to the occupied territories out west. The 2010 olympics (and SPP, both of which Bell sustains) is a symptom of capitalism and it spreads development, militaristic security and a tupperware disneyland of wealth for the rich atop the lives and lands of the poor and dispossessed it swallows.

Let's deepen our resistance to the 2010 SPP meeting, G8 and Olympics through local struggles and wherever their repressive structures and technology is implemented and developed! The world built on our exploitation is a world drained of life and health, a world as sterile as prison, a world in which we find no joy.

As our comrades in Tyendinaga state "not one more development" not one more suburb built, not one more policeman in our streets... NO MORE!

Forward everyone! With arms and heart, word and pen, dagger and gun, irony and curse, theft, poisoning and arson...
Let's make war on this culture of death!!

-The May 29th Momentum