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<video> Town Hall 4-20-08

A Town Hall Meeting was held on Sunday April 20 in SE Portland
Three candidates were there as well as a few dozen citizens
Topics: Impeach, War, Accountability, Funding, and more
Town Hall - Peace Message
Town Hall - Peace Message
Joe Walsh who is running for the District 3 House Representative seat, organized this Town Hall Meeting
Two other candidates were joining with Joe Walsh at this event on 4/20 (Candy is running against Sen. Smith)
Joe invited all the running candidates to show up and engage in conversations regarding the politics in front of us all today, yet no incumbents made it to the event

This event was filmed and DVD's are being made available by contacting the Lone Vets email address:

The video with these citizens messages are being delivered to our Representatives within the next few days which will enable these strong messages from concerned citizens to be "on the record" with our 'now in office Government Leaders'

The "4-20-08 Town Hall" video which is 102 minutes is here on Google:


Jim Lockhart's cable access show "A Growing Concern" had a hour devoted to this topic and was filmed on 4/25/08
This show had 3 Live Guests
About 30 minutes into the video of Jim's show there is a 10 minute out-take of the Town Hall video
That video form the cable access show is 60 minutes long and is on Google here:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id1.html

We came and said, ENOUGH 29.Apr.2008 16:01

lone vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

The Town Hall was stunning, people stood and told their representatives how they felt and thought concerning the occupation of Iraq. This will be a true testimony to our officials that; "We the People" have had enough!

These Town Halls were taking place all over America, tens of thousands of people held meetings to tell their reps to do something about this occupation and to stop the genocide of Iraq.

The call in show with Jim Lockhart was great, four citizens telling it like it is and none of the BS that you are used to hearing.

Thanks Joe and Jim, it is an honor to know both of you.

For Peace and Justice
Joe Walsh-lone vet

Can you hear us now?
Can you hear us now?


a hyper-activist around town

...among the large number of people contributing on camera comments and experience was really rather extraordinary

AND we are ALL behind your mandate to IMPEACH !