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Seattle "Continuity OF Government" Terror Drills Coincide With May Day Demonstrations

Keep the heat on the Man about these drills! "Live" or not, they are based upon fake terrorism. As such, they are a factor in incremental fascism.
Please be on alert this first week of May and particularly on May 1 in
the Seattle area.

On Thursday, May 1, the exercise begins in Washington, when an explosion
collapses the Alaska Way viaduct in downtown Seattle and damages
surrounding buildings. Twenty minutes later, terrorists explode a
highjacked tanker filled with highly toxic chemicals at the Seattle
Ferry Terminal. Deadly gas soon permeates downtown Seattle. Emergency
responders come in waves. Police and firemen, first to arrive, are
quickly overwhelmed. The state deploys its 22-member Civil Support Team,
a National Guard unit, to assess the damage and coordinate support.
Later, 100 soldiers from a chemical battalion based in Yakima arrive to
rescue, decontaminate and treat survivors. Finally, 5,000 troops arrive
to handle logistics and security.

On Monday, May 5, the scenario shifts to Oregon where VX, the most toxic
nerve agent ever synthesized, erupts from the Umatilla Army Depot. The
next day, terrorists blow up a chemical tanker in Ferndale, Washington.
The county sheriff requests national support, and a Marine Corps
chemical warfare detachment from Ft. Lewis, Washington responds....

...Issuing an alert--as we are doing now--is not an instance of "crying
wolf," as Bush administration apologists often assert. As
military-trained experts, we are convinced that the US 9/11 and UK 7/7
attacks were set up under the camouflage of terror drills. The existence
of a wolf is not in question. The wolf of false flag terror has killed
our fellow citizens and frightened our country into needless wars. It's
our mission of conscience to keep it from striking again.
_ _ _ _
Monday April 28, 2008

There is a series of military "terror prevention exercises" reportedly
scheduled in Seattle for the first week of May, involving scenarios for
the destruction of the Alaska Viaduct, the blowing up of a tanker
containing deadly chemicals at the ferry terminal and much much more.

All of these are reportedly planned out of Fort Lewis, with surprise
implants and "Continuity of Government" operations possibly scheduled to
coincide with the mass demonstrations to shut down the Port of Seattle
and demand immigrant rights on May 1.

All activsts need to be aware that such "military terror prevention
exercises" coincided with the terrorist attacks on 9/11 in New
York/Washington DC and in London on 7/7, with the odds of this being
mere coincidence several billion to one.

The major source for this is Captain Eric May, of whom you possibly
know. Although May is suspect in some circles, his take on this needs to
be considered.

Here is a link to a relevant article:

Our contacting government officials challenging the need for such joint
military "terror prevention" exercises in our cities, and demanding that
we and our congressional representatives be allowed to see the
top-secret "Continuity of Government" plans to which Congressman Peter
de Fazio was ominously denied access last summer may have been the only
thing that stopped a similar situation from blowing up last summer in

Please send this to as many activists as you can before the May 1

Thanks much! (Rebecca Campbell)

Right from the horse's mouth:

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