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<video> Jordan Case Candle Light Vigil - 4/4/08

In October 2006, Jordan Case was just 20 years old when he was tragically shot and killed by a Washington County Sheriff

A vigil was held one 1/2 years latter it was recorded and can be viewed here:
Irony & Truth
Irony & Truth
On that night, Jordan experimented with ingesting hallucinogenic mushrooms. Jordan was disoriented as a result of the effects of the mushrooms and left his apartment and entered another apartment in his complex through its unlocked front door... ..,
<...more>  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2008/04/374173.shtml?discuss

A peaceful candlelight vigil for Jordan Case, was held Friday, April 4th, at Terry Schrunk Plaza in Portland Oregon, across the street from the Portland City Police Station

The announcement on Indy Media for the event mentioned:
"Help us stand up for our rights so others may have what he was denied."

I went to the vigil on the 4th of this month and with permission I filmed it.
It is now a 53 min video on Google and being shared with the community...
In hope of inspiring peace and justice and to remind us all that we need to love one another and help each other especially when our fellow brother is in need.

There was no reason Jordan needed to be treated the way he was. We as a civilized and compassionate society must stand up to this type of tragic abuse, ... .it is "unacceptable treatment of one of our fellow citizens, friend and family"

This candle light vigil along with the message in this video is obvious ... ...

In solidarity I thank Jordan's family and friends and I hope to further the message that the use of violence is not acceptable and that training, compassion, and tolerance be instilled in the police of our community.

In solidarity with you all, I share your vigil and see the beauty of Jordan ... .through everyone of you


homepage: homepage: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=738003598096991462