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I was wrong- people DO need four wheel drive

Wow. For a few years now I've been laughing at people who think they need an SUV. I've always argued that in daily use a honda civic will do exactly the same thing as a Durango. I stand corrected. Heres a story from Hermiston.
Obviously if driver was in a small sedan it would have bogged down in the first ditch before it even set the horse free. This guy really needed a big SUV so he could crash through the neighbors house and smash an old violin. I guess you never know when you might be called upon to help rid the world of old musical insturements, and while putting gas in a hummer is a big sacrifice, a little economy car just isnt up to the task.

Heres the article from KATU

By Rudabeh Shahbazi
HERMISTON, Ore. - A family is picking up the pieces after a Hummer slammed into their family room Saturday.

Police said the 61-year-old driver had a medical condition but did not go into details. Neighbors said he either lost consciousness or had a seizure behind the wheel.

Emergency crews had to extricate him from the vehicle but said he only had a minor leg injury.

"It kind of looked like a tornado ripped through," said Zack Wilson, a neighbor who came over to lend his support.

One of the owners of the house, Mary Jo Guthmiller, had plans to be in the family room. She was planning to clean up after her kids' sleep-over the night before but went to the store at the last minute.

"If anybody would have been in here, it wouldn't have been a good picture, because that rock flew," she said, as she surveyed the rubble.

The Hummer damaged Ed Brabtam's landscaping before tearing through the orchard that separated their houses, setting a horse free.

"We haven't had that much excitement in quite a while!" said Brabtam. "I look out and there was a horse on my lawn, so I went out to help her catch the horse."

The Hummer landed in the Guthmiller's home, where it was stopped by their designer fireplace.

"I thought that was something else," said Brabtam.

Guthmiller came home to the chaotic scene. She made sure the driver, who also lives in the neighborhood, was alright and called 911. Then, she said, the reality of it all hit her.

"I was pissed," she said. "I felt invaded."

The family lost some of its most prized possessions, including Guthmiller's grandfather's 100-year-old violin.

Other things, however, were surprisingly unscathed, like an entire cabinet full of antique china right around the corner and pictures hanging on the walls.

"It could have been worse," said Guthmiller. "He could have hit a family, he could have hit anybody. Makes you thankful that no one was here."

The family isn't allowed to clean up the mess until the insurance company assesses the damage.

Guthmiller estimates the damage will be at least a few hundred thousand dollars and said they will also have to rebuild the second floor. The fireplace alone was worth $50,000, she said.

Neighbors have been shuffling in and out, helping the family clean up in any way they can. The driver's son came over and repaired the pasture fence.

Silly 29.Apr.2008 04:23

Mike Novack stepbystpefarm ,a> mtdata.com

True, I find it rather hard to imagine a useful application of a 4wd of the class of a "Hummer" (I'm talking about weight/capacity). One either could use a much lighter 4wd or a 4wd truck (and if that needed to carry more passengers, a "crew cab" model). Hummers are a class that is useful to many military applications, but that doesn't give them a civilian niche.

HOWEVER -- you are being very silly to imagine that some of us don't need 4wd vehicles (of suitable sorts). Your little sedan would not be able to negotiate our roads -- deep mud, ruts, large rocks, heavy snow, etc. It is actually fairly easy to tell the difference between some city dweller's pet SUV's and one of our "working critters" (though you could mistake one used for recreational 4 wheeling for one of ours -- people who leave the city to look for the meanest mud puddle to challenge). Not only would the models be somewhat different but ours are scarred, dented, muddy, etc. from doing real work.

There is no excuse for SUV's that never leave the tarmac. But remember that for some of us, paved roads are what we get to drive on only after having successfully negotiated some rouhg terrain.

Hummers are not military 29.Apr.2008 07:43



Hummers are not a military vehicle. They are a pretend military vehicle. The true military version is a much more capable vehicle. The fireplace wouldn't have stopped it. The Hummer is a military looking body on a Chevy Tahoe frame. It is probably one of the least capable four wheel drive vehicles because of its weight.

A hummer is for someone so insecure that they want to pretend they have a military vehicle.

I know that 29.Apr.2008 08:11

Mike Novack

What I meant is that there is very little suitable civilian application for even a true military Hummer in terms of size/weight class. There was GOOD reason for a military vehicle with more capacity than a "jeep" (but not as much as an 6x6 duece and half). But there is little civilian use -- either too much or too little. I mean just how often (in civilian life) are you taking off paved road a cargo of the wieght that would require a hummer but a voume small enough to fit inside one?

crushed rock 29.Apr.2008 16:52


The H2 hummer is a pathetic little fashion statement. Basically a half-ton pickup overloaded when it leaves the showroom. It has more in common with a Volvo station wagon than any military or commercial vehicle. The H2 in the KATU story has no evidence of ever being used for work. theres not a scratch on the back bumper.

My best friend lives on and manages a 90 acre farm southwest of Salem. He has a 3/4 ton GMC (chevy) pickup, with 4wheel drive. He bought it new in 2000 After a year it had very little resale value. After 8000 miles the brakes had been ruined by mud. By now it's pretty much scrap metal, he uses it to feed the cows every day in the winter. A 6000 pound vehicle to carry 300 pounds of hay. He could have bought himself a 2wd with the same or better towing capacity, and had his choice of crushed rock for the "driveway", or a good used John Deere "gator" to feed the cows... A pickup or SUV is not farm machinery and suffers accordingly when used as such, and after 8 years still have a pretty decent pickup for pulling the stock trailer.

I suppose if I was in his position now I'd try to find one of the Nissan pickups from the 1980s that were 2 wheel drive but had a little more ground clearance and and a good set of tire chains on for the mud in the wet season A 30,000$ 4x4 is an awful expensive wheelbarrow. Plus you've got to lift stuff way up high to get it in the bed. Then theres all the hippy-dippy concerns about erosion and soil compaction related to taking a heavy vehicle "off road".

Fred, you besmitcj volvo 17.Jun.2008 17:15


to say its as usless as that fake mil vehicle the humjob (another name for a blow job, hummer- a surrogate for "sexual relations" see, now we can agree that bill c did not have "sex relations, just para sex....))

Anyway, lasy off Volvo. They outdo the real hummer

And to really outdo the mil hummer, try the decades old tried true and robust euro version for that niche- the MERCEDES UNIMOG quieter, efficient,rebuildable down to the radiator cap. No the fireplace wouldn=t stop it either . It would climb right over.

Chevys ok. I'm a cornbinder myself, got the 4 wheel dodge toy stuck in some mud, high centered, off the wheels. several play truxks offered help didn;t have the pull to get the job done. walked 20 miles home (i measured it) got the 2 wheel drive war wagon, and returned. hooked up the log chain came free in the back of another older I.H. put the chrysler 727 automatic (great in dragsters)in reverse, got almost to high idle... Omygod thats done....,unhooked the chain....designated a driver, went home to get some sleep. 4 WD is good, traction is better, weight can be your friend or foe (not nice if its on the downhillside of the wench for exanple. We see lots of college boys in lifted 4x every winter. got traction- right?_ till they loose all four points as easy as two (ah youth and invincibility)- ditched, rolled, whatever. (4x without low range:, then you know hes a dumbcluck)

City folk...! were talking a 30 year old farm truck here! were picking up rocks, this winters crop of em, throwing them in the bed. he wants to lnow how hard to drop them is o.k. before I get upset the paint, the denting. What are you talking about? throw them so they dont fall back out on our feet.