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Public Meeting this Thursday May 1

Thursday, May 1st, 2008
at 7:15pm.
Portland State University,
Smith Memorial Student Union,
Room 238
The International Socialist Review (www.isreview.org) is sponsoring a national meeting tour to mark the 40th anniversary of the remarkable year 1968a year of conflict, class struggle, and revolutionary upheaval around the world. 1968 saw the Vietnam Tet Offensive; the May general strike in France; the Black Power salute at the Olympics; the student struggle in Mexico and the massacre in Tlatelolco Plaza; the Prague Spring and Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia; the police riot at the Democratic convention; the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. and urban rebellions; the birth of the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement in Detroit. 1968 offers lessons to a new generation of activists and radicals organizing for a better world.
Today, with the economy inching closer to the brink of collapse, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan causing unimaginable death and suffering, and billions of people around the world suffering from poverty, oppression, and exploitation, the lessons of 1968 are of vital importance to a new generation of activists and radicals organizing for a better world.

Featuring Joel Geier - Veteran activist and Associate Editor of the International Socialist Review. He was in France in 1968 during one of the largest general strikes and factory occupations in world history. A student at Berkeley in the mid-1960's, he helped lead the Free Speech Movement and later worked with the Black Panther Party on the campaign to Free Huey Newton. On the eve of the 40th anniversary of the May student and worker uprising in France, Joel will provide a powerful eye-witness account of the year 1968 - and draw lessons for our struggles today.