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Anyone know a good site or blog for election stuff?

Unfortunately, Indymedia does not seem to a useful place to discuss candidates and other electoral issues.
Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look for some good analysis of the candidates and issues coming up in Oregon? There are a number of blogs out there, but they mostly seem to be dominated by liberal Democrats, and the critical analysis is pretty lacking. I don't want to discuss the best way to get more Democrats elected, I want to discuss which way makes more sense for good movememnt building. I had hoped Indymedia would be a place for that, but since these issues have been moved to this separate page, there is pretty much no discussion happening.

Try the sElection 2008 Page 28.Apr.2008 13:56


Indymedia is not a bad place for it. But, the newswire probably isn't the best place for discussions. That's the best place for news! Try sparking a discussion in the sElection 2008 page.

well... 28.Apr.2008 14:37


I'd think that Portland Indymedia is a perfect place for anyone wanting to do reporting on local elections. I expect that such reporting will happen in the next few weeks as the primary draws near (I usually write an article or 2 each election and may do so again this year). My understanding is that all local reporting, about the election or otherwise, will be on the front page and the selection page is just for the presidential race nonsense that people want to avoid.

Perhaps you should take the first step and do some reporting on local candidates and ballot measures. Because I think you'll see that there's no where else to go that isn't dominated by democrat or republican cheerleaders.

the sElection 2008 page is fairly dead... 28.Apr.2008 15:06

progressive voter

The sElection 2008 page is averaging less than one post or comment a day. It seems that people are not interested in this issue, are not using that page, or that they don't know about it. I can try to spark some discussion there, but with only 18 posts since April 7, I'm not very hopeful. Also, there is pretty much nothing there about local races. I would love to debate and discuss with other radicals what they think of some of the Portland and Oregon candidates and issues.

Occasionally, there is some interesting discussion at Blue Oregon (at least there's much more activity there, with dozens of posts every day) but it's mostly a blog for Democrat cheerleaders, even though it says it's a place for progressives.

For Election Fraud matters... 28.Apr.2008 16:23


...try www.bradblog.com and www.blackboxvoting.org.

A great reference site 28.Apr.2008 16:52

Jody Paulson


for learning about candidates, where their campaign contributions came from, their voting record (if they're incumbents) etc.