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O.R.C. weekly report of environmental news

Well, the week hasn't been kind to the earth, regardless of earth day. Reposted from O.R.C.
Well, Canada has refused to call polar bears "endangered", while more evidence emerges about how screwed they are by climate change, and it looks like artic ice is melting even faster than expected. The magic global-warming quick-fix atmospheric sulphur-injection plan has will probably make everything worse by furthering ozone depletion, surprise surprise. Honey bees continue to disappear, and the pathogen behind sudden oak death syndrome is evolving and spreading up the western coast of North America. The US will be building dozens of coal power plants right next to national parks, and every liberal's darling, the EU, will be building over 50 new coal plants. In slightly better news, the national park service has announced that they'll be funding a bunch of new projects, mostly focused on maintaining the parks. We cynics at O.R.C. can't help but suspect that this will somehow be used as an excuse for more logging roads and crap like that. And what's that? It looks like Bush's spotted owl plan means more logging! In fact, close to 900 scientists with the EPA reported political influence on their work from industry and government. Another "green" product has been debunked: Palm Oil is the major cause of deforestation in Indonesia. 17-year-old accused arsonist Michael Sykes (background of his story here) got his charges reduced and is now facing 10 years in prison. (His address for letters of support can be found here). Mohawks have set up barricades in Ontario to protest development, and Sioux tribal members in South Dakota have set up blockades to protest against the construction of a hog farm. Salmon-lovers are proposing to reintroduce salmon to the Upper Klamath Basin in Oregon. The Arizona legislature is considering withdrawing funds from state schools that teach anything that is deemed un-american and is contrary to capitalism, democracy, etc. (as well as banning minority-group student groups) by way of bill < href=http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/48leg/2r/bills/sb1108p.pdf>SB 1108. It looks like the government might finally have admitted that right-wing extremists are more dangerous than "eco-terrorists, although we'll have to see if their level of infiltration agrees. To end on a positive note, a crocodile killed an illegal mangrove logger in Myanmar (often called Burma).

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