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Lone Vet Report

Has KPOJ Lost Their Way?
This is an e-mail I sent to KPOJ Radio on April 22nd:

I called in at 0830, identified myself to Paul as Joe Walsh, candidate for the US House of Representatives. I wanted some time to talk about two stories that came out on Friday and Monday about the plight of our beloved veterans. These are two stories that must be taken up on your show, and Tom's national show.

We will be hearing no news today because of the horse race taking place in Pennsylvania, and this story will be lost in the dog and pony shows.

I ask that you arrange a time for me to call in and speak to this issue. Blumenauer has free access to your station and I expect something close to a fair amount of time to respond to what is happening to our vets.

For Justice and Peace,
Joe Walsh, Candidate, US House, Dist. 3

No response

April 24, 2008, AM


RADIO STATION in Portland, Oregon.

Dear Paul, Tom and Carl,

Please stop calling yourself a progressive radio station, you are not in that select group of individuals who call themselves Progressives.

A Progressive stands for equality, truth, and change for the betterment of the human condition.

Your recent coverage of the horse race called Hillary vs. Obama is nothing less than being caught up in the dog and pony show that the Corporate Media has been giving us for months. This is a non story, Sen. Barack Obama will be the candidate and anyone with a brain that works more than twenty minutes a day knows that. You have spent so much time on this race you have excluded local stories, and national stories that directly affect your listeners. For every hour you spend on this self destruction of the democratic party other stories go by the wayside. A progressive station would not have followed the Corporate Media into this pit of "No news." A Progressive station would always look at themselves and ask, "Are we standing for equality in our workplace?"

Why does Heidi not do interviews?

I have met Ms. Tauber on a few occasions inside the studio and outside, she is intelligent, warm and a good radio person, but she plays second fiddle to both Tom and Carl---why is that?

Why is Tom Hartman still on the local radio station when he has moved on to that great Progressive network called Air America? OH, wait---Air America fired Mike Malloy, suspended and lost Randy Rhoads, fired Sam Seder and made a mess out of our first attempt to have a progressive network. Air America is a farce and Tom would be wise to leave. But maybe Tom likes selling cars on the radio, "They get 30 miles to the gallon" Wow Tom, I hope they are paying you good money for that piece of sell out.

When you have politicians on and don't go after them on violating their oath of office, that is not what a progressive would do. Make them take calls or stay off---they need you more than you need them.
The fact that KPOJ is owned and controlled by Clear Channel has always made me nervous, they can pull the plug on your show anytime they decide. Portland is a hot bed of progressives, we should be able to support a radio station that is not controlled by the right wing nuts.

Stop drooling over these politicians who come on your show, hold their feet to the fire. No more of letting them come on for 10 minutes and tell us how wonderful they are, we want truth not fluff.

Joe Walsh, Candidate for US House Dist 3

I will publish this in the next day or two, any response from you will also be published. If you choose to respond please do so in the next 24 hours.

As of 27 April

Carl-----No response
Tom------No response
Paul-----No response

homepage: homepage: http://walsh08.com