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Queens, NY: Rebellion over Sean Bell verdict

Rebellion in Jamaica, Queens last night. Breakaway march of
hundreds of mostly Black youth took to the streets after the official
march dispersed. At the invitation of local organizers, a good number of
anarchists stayed on to support all the way. People from the community
marched through the "40 Projects" and on to the 103rd Precinct. Street
battles broke out along the way. Local youth fighting back with rocks,
bottles, and impromptu barricades along Jamaica Avenue. Many arrests.

Full report and photos to come later.

We are all Sean Bell, NYPD go to hell.

shawn was not the first and wont be the last 28.Dec.2008 23:50


as a true native of southside queens we all know that the 103rd is one of the most corrupt precints in new york.from the day i moved to queens until the day i left constant harrasment and unjust treatment of residents of this area was all normal but until we stand up and fight back it will always be the same shawn wasnt the first person killed by the police there
he was just the first to make headlines other than that the natives of southside know theres at least 4 or five shawn bells every year but the 103rd nas a great way of leaving those cases unsolved or letting innocent
people go down for murders the did not commit f@#k the 103rd r.i.p shawn bell