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Tacoma: Anti-ICE March Attacked

Police Attack March
The march today in Tacoma has just ended. There have been two confirmed arrests. There are still people unaccounted for. The massive police presence attacked the march at its end. There will be another update when we have confirmed everything.

Tacoma Smash ICE


12:40: Tacoma PD has closed off both the bridge and main walkway leading down to the detention center, effectivly cutting off all foot routes.

12:45: There are 9 bicycle police, 4 motorcylce police and a few cars buzzing around the area. The cops have raised the 11th street bridge, cutting off access to downtown where the detention center is located.

1:00: The police have barricaded the Wells Fargo building and a disaster response team is present at the detention center. They are terrified of our collective voice.

1:10: The March prepares to leave the park

1:40: The March has reached 12th and Pacific in downtown Tacoma. The police have tried unsuccessfully to arrest members of the march but have been prevented from doing so. The march has moved to the sidewalk and is making it's way towards the detention center. It was forced to take side streets the whole way down.

2:00: The march has reached downtown, but will not be traveling to the detention center. It is currently on it's way back to Peoples Park. Riot police have assembled outside the Wells Fargo building. One marcher has been struck with a bike by a police officer. They are using force to coral the march onto the sidewalk.

2:04: The march is headed towards the 11th st Bridge, which has been raised.

2:46: The March approaches Peoples Park. A skirmish has been reported as people were moving to the sidewalk. There has been 1 confirmed arrest. The cops began striking the marchers with their bike tires. This is what caused the scuffle. The marchers are beginning to arrive in the park. The situation seems to have calmed down.

2:56: A second arrest has been confirmed. The cause and identity are unknown but the arrestee is reported to be a high school student. The police are using "body slam" arrest techniques. One woman has apparently been slammed to the ground and drug by the hair apparently for playing a drum. The police are singling out individuals for arrest seemingly without cause. The arrests are reportedly unprovoked.

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