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Tri-Met celebrates MayDay???

What were they thinking?!? Maybe they ARE actually a bunch of pagans and will have a spectular Maypole dance...
Plastered all over town are posters inviting folks to a street fair on MayDay on 6th Ave in Old Town, Chinatown - beginning at the same time as thousands will be marching from South Parks Blocks. And if last's years police presence is any indication, downtown should be a pretty interesting place.
Conspiracy theory would say this is an effort to divert people from real MayDay action - but, alas, it just plain not-conscious stupidity.
and some good OT for TriMet's private army, Wackenhut.

camera warmed up 26.Apr.2008 11:09

joe anybody

I hope the police and Wakenhut-ers are on their best behaivor !!!
I would hate to have to film them "screwing up" for the whole city to watch

I hear Cop Watch will be out on the streets that day as well

Documenting Peace n Justice
Peace n Justice
Peace n Justice

Not to be alarmist... 26.Apr.2008 11:21


In the 70s, feds would post phony fliers for events with incorrect dates, times, and locations to create confusion and make organizations appear incompetent.