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0425 am 'Get This' news

Commentary on the KBOO am news for Friday, April 25th, 2008.
0425 am 'Get This' news
0425 am 'Get This' news
Get This: Rush Limbaugh's drug-addled Id wants to turn the DNC into an abattoir.
Chris Andreae

1. Low income housing in Portland? First get rid of the Portland Development Commission. The agency is nothing but a festering 'rat-king', scrambling for the cheese. (A "rat-king" is the phenomena of a litter of rats living in such tight conditions that their tails become irreparably knotted and the rats live their short lives fatally entwined... Lovely image, eh?)
2. Rode Out Of Town On A Rail: RailAmerica, Ron Wyden, Gordon Smith and a host of B-list players are sorting out the debris left behind by the economic/legal implosion of the Coos Bay closed rail line. (S'Okay; once they put that LNG pipeline in from the Oregon coast to California we can just blow ourselves from Coos Bay to Eugene and back... )
3. All across the State the series of public forums, "debates", hearings and meetings that the Oregon Economic Development Commission and industry lobbyists originally designed to rubber stamp the LNG terminals and pipelines, have drawn hot, hot heat from local citizenry... That wasn't in the screenplay...
4. Oregon has shipped 62 percent of its forests to Japan and 30 percent to South Korea.
5. Bullshed: "The Bonneville Environmental Foundation says that it has reached an agreement with the Coos Watershed Association for a ten-year model restoration and monitoring program to restore salmon runs to the rivers and streams that flow into Coos Bay." Of course in ten years, the LNG pipeline, the destruction of forests, the pollution and rural sprawl will have killed off all the fish. Well, have a nice Plan, guys...
6. Afghanistan wants Oregon to invest in its future (I'd rather invest in its past; Afghanistan was a great place before the Americans and the Soviets got there.) . So far LandBank Equity Investments is on board... So if you're looking for a condo in downtown Kabul... (Actually Afghanistan and Iraq have proved to be a solution to the lack of low-income housing. The sons and daughters of the poor are pretty much living and dying in those countries even as I write this... )
7. What if they gave a public meeting on the Portland police's over-use of deadly force and no one came. What if, indeed. That's exactly what happen. It was a secret 'public" meeting, you see.)
8. Sea Lions: Eat a fish, go to jail... It's the law! Yes Salmon-eating seals are getting shipped to zoos.
9. The Hanford spill back in July is spilling over into the courts.
10. The three New York police officers who shot the un-armed but nonetheless black Sean Bell after his bachelor party all got off scot-free. And all three were found "innocent."
11. The Punditry is starting to scratch its hoary head and wonder if racism had something to do with Hillary's spectacular Pennsylvania win.
12. The price of rice? It isn't nice. Well it's certainly rigged. Once Americans start feeling the food and fuel pinch, they begin to pay attention. So this is a good thing.
13. The Senate passed a bill that would theoretically prevent employers and insurance companies from discriminating against people based on genetic information. (All this means is that something even worse is already in the pipeline, RFID anyone?)
14. Bush "marked" (And I really do mean marked, as contrasted with "celebrated"). the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide - even though the Israeli lobby has forbidden America to refer to it as such. And even though Bush has got his own genocide going on in Iraq.
15. The War Bill comes with some nasty warts. Notably, updated foreign surveillance laws that would protect the big telecoms from being sued for handing over customers' private calling information.
16. Moqtada al-Sadr has got a little "surge" of his own for Bush if the Iraqi genocide doesn't let up.
17. A Louisiana company - C3 - is planning a theme park in Baghdad, because says the company, "Iraqis need this kind of positive influence." The place is being built by the Disney developer.
18. Remember September: Recall that back in September of last year a nondescript building in the Syrian desert was suddenly obliterated in an Israeli airstrike? Sure you do. But it took a minute didn't it because of the administration's deep, stony silence which we have come to recognize as the sound of cronies digging deeper holes... anyway... now the US wants us to believe that it signed-off on the strike because North Korea was ostensibly helping Syria build a bomb. (Wait till the dust settles and someone reminds Bush that Syria has been a reliable source of information in the region and skilled negotiator. Whooops! Bang! The Israelis just blew that edifice away too... )
19. Mahmoud Abbas was in Washington this week. Peace talks, y'know. (This is Bush's last chance to do something while in office that isn't stupid, vicious, venal or corrupt... and yet Bush's "peace plan" manages to be all four... )
20. Meanwhile, back in the Wild, Wild East, Hamas supporters are gathering near Gaza's Northern and Southern borders. What do they want? And end to the blockade. When do they want it? 1948...
21. LatAm leaders are forming their own $100 million dollar plan to buffer citizens of south American nations from the disaster capitalist "food shortages" Americans are experiencing. (Although a casual observer would note that maybe a little less food would be a good thing for most good American patriots.
22. And in Zimbabwe, heavily armed police raided opposition headquarters in Harare.- maybe hoping some of that Chinese arms shipment made it ashore.