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2 more days until Mayday! Mayday!

A great opportunity to see what is happening with the radical community here in Portland! Listen to music, eat good food, watch presentations by some of Portland's amazing radical and revolutionary organizations! We will be starting promptly at 7:30pm!
Please join us Sunday April 27th at 7:30pm at Liberty Hall (311 N. Ivy) for an evening of food, music, speakers and tables. We aim to promote community building, communication and solidarity within the Portland radical community. Come and enjoy tables and presentations by some of Portland's amazing radical and revolutionary organizations. Come and show support for these groups, ask questions, get involved or network. All are invited and encouraged to attend! Help us to prepare for our favorite holiday and to celebrate Portland's radical past, present and future! We will see you there!

Presenting groups include:
Rosecity Antifa
Radical Action
Rosecity CopWatch
Tarantula Distribution
Students For Unity
Icarus Project
Books to Prisoners
Red and Black Cafe
Portland Street Medics
Anarchist Black Cross
NoPo CopStop
Industrial Workers of the World
Blue Heron Infoshop
Black Rose Infoshop
Food Not Bombs

and from Revolutionary Assembly:

Portland Anti-Imperialists
Cascadia Root Force
Occupy PDX
Stumptown Earthfirst
North-American Solidarity
SE Food Not Lawns
Portland Freeskool

with music by DJ Totec and La Hierba de los Caminos

Isn't May Day on May 1? 25.Apr.2008 12:56


And isn't there a big march on May Day? I find these announcements of the 27th event a little confusing, and a bit lacking in the solidarity that you say you are promoting.

I assume 25.Apr.2008 13:43

Anarchist Black Cross

I assume that it is on the 27th to encourage people to make community bonds in the radical community before May 1st so we can work together.

Right, but... 25.Apr.2008 14:09


That's what I would assume, too...but this announcement has been posted every few days, but never with any mention of the May Day march. Why not show some solidarity, and talk about how to hook up with the other activities?

dear confused 25.Apr.2008 14:40


I see that this May Day! May Day! (April 27) event serves as a MAJOR show of solidarity in bringing radical activists together as a precursor to the *actual* May Day events--that's May **1st**.

So show solidairity and show up to learn about PDX May Day activities and end all confusion!

See you there?

Dear Confusion 25.Apr.2008 23:05

I think I get it!

I think the post is not saying it is two days until mayday. I think the post is saying that it is two days until Mayday! Mayday! an event separate from mayday march that is happening on may 1st. Mayday! Mayday! is a play on words, referring to mayday the labor day and mayday the call of distress, probably saying that workers rights are under attack or something along those lines.

I'm sorry people attacked you for being confused. I was confused by it as well until I read everything.

Radical who is sick of shitty infighting