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Carpool To The California Chemtrail Convergence - Sat May 17th in Los Angeles

Contrails are normal. Chemtrails are NOT. Chemtrails are seen all over the world. Their impact on our health is considerable. Join us as experts speak out on the aerosol assault in Los Angeles.
Chemtrail Convergence
Chemtrail Convergence
The California Chemtrail Convergence is Coming to Los Angeles !

Join experts who have researched the aerosol assault of our planet
and hundreds of fellow sky watchers at the California Chemtrail
Convergence which takes place on Saturday May 17th 2008 at the
Immanuel Presbyterian Church located at 3300 Wilshire Blvd. in Los
Angeles . Doors open at 4PM.

In an attempt to build networks of support and information, the
public is also invited to bring photos and other evidence of
chemtrail activity from their communities to share with others.

Special Guest Speakers Include:

Clifford Carnicom - The creator of Carnicom.com and the
documentary "Aerosol Crimes."
Dr. Gwen Scott, ND - A Naturopathic Doctor and Former CNN news

Also Scheduled to Appear:

John Trudell - Native American Activist and Poet

For more information or to purchase advance tickets please call 805-
653-1588 or log on to GoodKarmaPR. com

homepage: homepage: http://www.goodkarmapr.com
phone: phone: 805-653-1588