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Finally, some sense around US Iran relations without the mains stream media smoke screen

Milani is by far the best American/Iranian anylyst. He's honest and he is secular. Without the lies of the Royalists and the theocrats.
If you have questions about Iran, watch this:


Another Voice Against War WIth Iran 19.Apr.2008 18:53

Jim Lockhart

On February 9, 2008 the American Iranian Friendship Council of Portland Oregon sponsored an event entitled the "American Iranian Peace Forum 2008." The Keynote speaker for the event was Stephen Kinzer, veteran correspondent for the New York Times and author of many books, including, "All the Shah's Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror,"

Kinzer speaks about the recent history of Iran, the meddling and machinations of the American Central Intelligence Agency which brought down a democratically elected parliament and prime minister who wanted to nationalize Iran's oil reserves. He also speaks about how important it is for people to be vigilant concerning the present Administration's desire to attack Iran, using similar justifications which brought about the disastrous Occupation of Iraq.

According to Kinzer, the Iranian people are not the enemy of the people of the United States, and to bomb them would be catastrophic for both countries, for the Middle East and for the World. He draws on a depth and breadth of experience living in Iran as a correspondent, which led him to write the book, "All the Shah's Men," and finishes with ways that we can work to stop this crisis.?

Kinzer is pretty good but,.... 20.Apr.2008 00:06


Milani's family comes from a part of Iran which has a 110+ years of Socialist activity. Some parts of Iran are very liberal and some extremely conservative. He's from a some what liberal/secular minded area of Iran where several revolutionary movements have started. The most well known was the Jangali (Forrest) Movement started by Kuchek Khan in Gilan around 1920.

The 1953 coupe which you're referring to where the CIA orchestrated a coupe in favor of the exiled Pahlavi Shah II. Pahlavi I had been a key ally of Hitler and other nationals who supported Hitler from within the US and UK governments such as Prescott Bush and Co. Pahlavi II had denounced his father's Nazi leanings and thus rewarded by the allies with the throne. Of course, other socialist/communist regional powers such as USSR, France and Turkey supported Dr Mossadegh.

The US and Britain have orchestrated no less than 5 government changes in Iran since oil was discovered in the Caspian and the Gulf about 110 years ago. 1915, 1922, 1941, 1953, 1979.

Most everyday Iranians also believe the Neo-cons orchestrated Khomeini coming to power, which led to the Khomeini orchestrated 444 day hostage crisis, which destroyed a popular president named Carter, which brought about 12 years of Reagan/Bush. Coincidentally, Khomeini ordered the hostages realesed only a few days after Reagans inauguration. They would have had to assassinate Carter other wise.