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When the wealthiest country in the world continues to allow the enslavement of the tens of thousands of their own innocent Middle Class and Working Poor to decades of false imprisonment,it's time to ask for International help!Currently there are reported to be 100,000 falsely imprisoned Americans living along with the estimated 2,000,000 US prison population nationwide.America now has the very unique distinction of not only being rated the #1 in the World for having the largest prison population,but America also has the distinct rating of having the largest wrongfully imprisoned prison population in the World as well.Our US Congress affords themselves all the perks and salary most Americans could only dream about,but ask anyone of these Leaders Of The Free World to protect our Middle Class or Working Poor Americans from continuing to be falsely imprisoned endless decades due to the lack of federal appeal legal counsel being afforded them, and you just might be thought of as being crazy?
The masses of the American people could never come close to ever being able to burden these federal appeal legal costs for themselves or for a family member,and should not need a lobbying group for this basic right of legal protection to be afforded them! Our Poster Child of this exact neglect by our US Congress is this young man named Manny Gonzales.Anyone interested in reading first hand how our US Congress is willing to allow our judicial system to continue keeping this now 21 year old young man imprisoned for 27 mandatory years for frightening someone with a hand gun(not even injuring the so called victim,) without affording him federal appeal legal counsel to properly be able to defend himself in our Federal courts of Appeal? Manny Gonzales The kid that everyone forgot in the CA prison system can be entered into any WWW search engine for the judicial ride of ones life! Tens of thousands of other Americans being imprisoned in the US are facing this same lack of legal counsel everyday,and with this lack of legal counsel being denied their right to new retrials,which in turn forces thousands to remain endless decades in our prison systems of the wealthiest country in the world!
Just like the German population prior WW2,the American people and our National Media have not felt any concern or interest to speak out about about our country having so many of our fellow Middle Class and Working Poor citizens being falsely imprisoned and not even being afforded the proper Federal Appeal legal counsel to assist in their attempt at exonerating themselves! This situation with the lack of federal appeal legal counsel has gotten so serious,and because it's affecting so many innocent citizens in America, that President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has even been asked to finance the federal appeal legal fees for the Manny Gonzales federal court legal appeal taking place at the Central CA Federal District Court in Riverside California.

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Forgotten and Neglected Middle Class & Working Poor Americans !

No $$$ No Justice
No Lobby,No US Senate Assistance !
No $$ & No Lobby = !00,000 innocent American Citizens being Falsely imprisoned !
Most Americans are well aware that there are plenty of innocent poorer US citizens in our prison systems nationwide,but very few of us have ever heard about our US Congressional representatives denying the middle class and working poor Americans proper legal counsel for their federal appeals.If One were charged with a federal crime all legal costs are paid for,but when one is charged in the various states and run out of state appeal opportunities and need to appeal to the Federal Courts,it appears that inmates are left to their own best lawyering skills to attempt to write a federal appeal that could sway a US Federal judge to grant a new retrial.
These Congressional Representatives sleep soundly every night knowing there are reported to be an estimated 100,000 innocent Americans residing in our US Prisons who have been denied proper legal counsel to help them with their Federal Appeals for new retrials???