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Building a Popular Anarchism in Ireland

On Saturday, May 3rd at 3pm, Andrew Flood, from the Workers Solidarity Movement in Ireland, will be speaking on 20 years of anarchist organizing at Portland State University.
Building a Popular Anarchism in Ireland
a speaking tour by Andrew Flood

Saturday May 3rd at 3pm
Portland State University
Smith Building - Cascade Room RM 236

Andrew Flood is an active anarchist organizer and writer, with twenty years
experience in Ireland, most of that time as a member of the Workers
Solidarity Movement ( http://wsm.ie). More recently, he has been become a
member of the Northeast Federation of Anarchist Communists
( http://nefac.net) and is a founder member of Common Cause, Ontario
( http://linchpin.ca). His publishing record includes well over one hundred
articles, translated into over nine languages, chapters published in three
books, and articles in seven English language anti-authoritarian magazines
and newspapers. As well as numerous events in Ireland he has been the
speaker at meetings in Britain, Italy, Canada, the Czech Republic and the
USA and attended conferences in the Netherlands, France, Spain and Mexico.

The tour is sponsored by Class Action Alliance, a new organization being
built in Washington and Oregon which identifies with the specific
international anarchist traditions recognizing four main tenets of
anarchist organization. The core of these traditions are the need for
anarchist political organizations that seek to develop theoretical unity,
tactical unity, collective action and discipline, and federalism. We are
loosely based on the Anarkismo editorial statement
( http://www.anarkismo.net/docs.php?id=1)


homepage: homepage: http://www.classactionalliance.org