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Journalists for Mumia Newspaper Released! Donations Urgently Needed!

Check out the PDF of our newspaper:  http://www.abu-jamal-news.com/docs/ajn2.pdf
I am excited to announce today's release of the Journalists for Mumia newspaper, "Abu-Jamal News," published as a special emergency edition responding to the Third Circuit's unjust ruling denying Mumia a new guilt-phase trial, and just in time for the April 19 mass-demonstration here in Philadelphia.

We urgently need funds to pay for these newspapers! The International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal (ICFFMAJ) is strongly supporting this fundraising and Pam Africa (ICFFMAJ Coordinator) is personally making a special request urging supporters to help pay for this emergency issue of the newspaper by donating whatever they can. We need several hundred dollars to pay for the 10,000 newspapers, and we need this money within JUST ONE WEEK!

We need these donations as soon as possible, so if you are able to help, please do so today!

All labor is strictly volunteer, so all donations go directly towards printing costs and some postage expenses for sending the papers around the country.

Please make the check payable to: "National Black United Fund—MAJ account" and in the "memo" section of the check please write "Abu-Jamal-News." The check should then be mailed to:
po box 19709
Philadelphia, PA 19143

Please take a look at our new paper. Do you agree that this some of the best independent journalism you've seen? We are tackling a very important and controversial issue, providing rock-solid analysis exposing the injustice of the 1982 trial, police frame-up, the recent Third Circuit ruling, and translating the "legalese" of the case into language for the rest of us. If you are impressed by the newspaper, and also our website (Abu-Jamal-News.com) please help out, so that we can continue our work opposing the mainstream media's well-documented bias against Mumia.

Check out the PDF of our newspaper:  http://www.abu-jamal-news.com/docs/ajn2.pdf

Also be sure and check out the new article (which unfortunately is not in the newspaper because we ran out of space) by Michael Schiffmann ( co-founder of Journalists for Mumia) rebutting the Third Circuit Court's outrageous rejection of the Batson Claim:  http://www.abu-jamal-news.com/article.php?name=mikbatson

Thank you for all the support!

Hans Bennett

homepage: homepage: http://Abu-Jamal-News.com

distribute yourselves as well 18.Apr.2008 02:00

the green cat

This is also a call for people to download and distribute the news in your local community. Place it up on your community bulletin board, online as pdf download, or on the table in your community centers.

do we have those anymore?